Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chapter 8 - If Only

Soundtrack: If only I had the guts to feel this way.  If only she'd look at me and want to stay. - Hanson, "If Only"

Jordan drove them to the airport. Sidney was on a flight within an hour of theirs. “Please bring her back,” Jordan said to Kris. “It’s very boring around here without Ginger.”

They passed through security, Max making a scene as Sid pulled his ball cap down low and tried to hide his face. There was no line for the first class screener and no one noticed the famous Mr. Crosby.

“One month, at my place,” he said, shaking the guys’ hands. Then he gave Ginger a hug. “Bring Dani, eh?”

Kris took the window seat and immediately lifted the armrest so Ginger could sit close to him. Max rolled his eyes and ordered a drink. They’d barely gotten into a television show before they were touching down in Montreal. They loaded into Max’s car and half an hour later pulled up in front of Kris’ house.

“If you two can stop humping for an hour, give me a call,” Max smiled lewdly.

Ginger stopped in Kris’ entryway. Kris turned to see her looking around the place.

“It’s weird to be here and not be at my house,” she said. Then she smiled. “It’s not half as nice as this!”

“Show me your place later. But first…,” Kris let go of his bag and took her hand. They passed through the house. “Living room, kitchen, bathroom,” he tossed his head toward each room on the list without slowing a step. Until he got upstairs.

“This is your room,” he said.

The master bedroom was the entire second floor of the house. The walls on either side had large windows, bathing the space in natural light. The far wall was covered by an entertainment center – large flat screen TV, low dark dresser flanked by two bookcases. A few framed photos were scattered among the books and DVDs. The bulk of the room was dedicated to a low king size platform bed with a dark cherry wood headboard. The walls were light gray, the carpet charcoal. A deep red down comforter was tossed haphazardly across the bed. For a bachelor pad it was pretty neat.

“I bought everything in the picture in the catalog,” Kris admitted as she took in the spread. “I just said, ‘Page 27’, please.”

Ginger turned into his arms. “Somehow it’s still you. I like it.”

She touched a kiss to his lips and drew him toward the bed. As their mouths touched, Kris began unbuttoning her blouse. She whipped his t-shirt off with a laugh. He went for her bra. Seconds later, they were naked and rolling around on that crimson duvet.

“We are developing a new training regimen for hockey players,” she said, rolling on top of him. She leaned down and Kris pushed her up by the shoulder like he was bench pressing. He brought her in close, kissed her quickly then lifted again. She watched the muscles in his arms coil and spring.

“We’ll make a detailed plan and send your friend over to Crosby’s with it,” Kris said, attempting to lift her with one arm and failing. She dropped onto the bed next to him. “He needs to get laid a lot more often.”

Ginger put her palm up and Kris pushed against it. She tried to counter the weight, but he was at least a hundred times stronger. He kept pushing until she was flat on her back. He wedged one knee between hers and swept her thighs open. Ginger licked her palm and ran it over the head of his penis.

“He’ll have to figure this part out on his own though,” Kris said, his mouth close to her ear as he slid into her folds. She gasped slightly, like it was better than she remembered. Like she’d been waiting all day just to feel him. Kris hid his smile in her hair.

“Kris,” she said softly, grabbing onto his back and aligning herself beneath him. He dipped all the way in, unlocking the space inside her body. She breathed his name a second time.

This is my house, he thought. Well, my second house. I’m halfway there. Kris pictured Ginger tossed out on his bed in Pittsburgh, heard her squeaks and sighs of pleasures in the place where he’d always felt like something was missing. He spent 8 months of the year coming and going from that house, but it never really felt like home. He thought of Ginger in the kitchen, making breakfast like she had at Jordan’s. Ginger asleep with a book on her chest when she tried to wait up for his late night return flight. Ginger waiting for him outside the locker room after a tough loss. Halfway there.

Kris’ mind wandered, but his body still held full attention. He moved Ginger’s ankles from where they were pressed into his sides and he pushed her legs down flat. He shifted so his legs were aligned atop the length of hers. With his hands at her sides, he started moving up and down her body. Ginger felt it immediately. Not only was he reaching great lengths inside her, but the motion of his body rolled her clit up and down. She grabbed on, moving him more steadily. Stimulation on two fronts was making her world wobble. She tilted her hips to bring more of his body against her hot button. Kris responded by strengthening his movements, pressing into her until she sobbed out a breath. Her hands were in his hair.

“Plus fort,” she whispered.

“Oui,” he almost laughed at the times she decided to use French. He made a mental note to teach her some really dirty things when her fingernails bit into his soft skin.

“Ahhhh,” she twisted against the sheet. Kris went deep, then still, and stayed there as she ground her orgasm out on him. He sank into the feeling of her body growing warmer around his thick cock, kicking himself for letting his mind wander when all he wanted was right here begging for him. She sighed and brushed hair from his face. Now he was back in the game.

“I want to hear that noise from you every day,” he said as she tucked a shaggy lock behind his ear.

“What, no more screaming?” she pulled his face in for a kiss. Kris smiled against her lips.

His hands fit easily around her calves as he bent her knees until they were almost touching her chest. He kneeled before her and looked down at himself, disappearing inside her glistening pussy. His cock was twitching with fullness, his body asking for release he didn’t want to give. He wanted to stay like this forever, Ginger satisfied and at his mercy while he took his pleasure from her gorgeous body.

Ginger sensed that Kris was appreciating her in a new way. When all you’ve had is sex for four days, I guess you can learn a lot about someone. He bit his lip in concentration, like he was trying to memorize the way she felt. Now that she was here, in his house, she wondered how it was possible to have moved in orbit so close to Kris for years and never know him. They never met in a bar or bookstore in Montreal, though she’d spent plenty of the off-seasons here. She’d never visited Jordan, Kris hadn’t come to Jordan’s day with the Cup. So many circumstances could have changed to bring Kris into her life sooner. Or to keep him out of it forever.

A single bead of sweat dripped from Kris’ chin onto her cheek. She met his eyes and saw lust mixed with gratitude and fear. It was how she felt. He kissed her, hard, as he came.

“Aagghh!” she screamed and rolled off the pool chair, out from under Max’s very sweaty body.

“Bonjour!” Max shouted, stretching out in the space she had just vacated by falling into the grass.

Ginger sat up. “Do you wax? How is it possible you have that little chest hair?”

Kris stepped over Max’s discarded t-shirt in the doorway and came into the yard. Ginger took one look at him and jumped to her feet. His shirt was plastered to his body with sweat, his hair wet enough to stay out of his face for once. She glued her body to his and tasted the salt on his lips as they kissed.

Max shielded his eyes with one hand. “That’s what I was after!”

Kris ditched his top and kicked off his sneakers, then jumped into the pool. Max joined him and Ginger reclaimed her chair.

“So, what have you two been doing all week?” Max asked. “Oh wait, I could hear you from my house half an hour away.”

That was, in fact, what they’d been doing all week.

“I’m surprised Kris can run,” Ginger said honestly.

“It was not pretty,” Kris laughed.

“I wonder which one is yours,” Ginger said as Kris’ huge Penguins duffel bag rolled off the conveyor. It had been ten days and they were back in Ontario. This time Kris had all his training gear.

Jordan picked them up at the curb. “Okay slacker, I’m going to kick your ass into shape!”

They drove to Ginger’s house – her parents were away for the week. Kris left his duffel in the living room and brought just his suitcase upstairs. As he stood in her room, there seemed to be even more mirror than he remembered. The entire way along one side of the room, parallel to the bed. He blushed involuntarily and wondered if a week would be enough for even half of the things he was thinking about.

“You’re going to look very good naked in front of all that mirror,” she said, coming up behind him. Her instinct was to slam the door and start on page one of the Kama Sutra right then. Jordan must have been psychic.

“Keep your pants on for ten minutes,” he barged in, interrupting both of their x-rated inner monologues. “Come on Tanger, Ginger is not the kind of workout you need right now.”

Ginger kicked her heels against the crate she was sitting on in the Staal’s barn. Kris and Jordan wore hockey gloves and took turns shooting pucks at a series of targets painted on a plywood board. Whenever they hit one, they tallied another beer the other person had to buy after dinner. She’s been in here a million times, since they were little and Jordan said, “Watch this!” before every single shot. It wasn’t till he was almost 10 that he could even hit the target board from the line. By the time he was 13, he could almost knock it over.

When they were 16, Ginger and Jordan had broken the rules and hidden in the barn during a particularly hardcore snowball fight. Marc and Jared stalked around outside, hurling missiles at each other. Ginger ducked into their favorite hiding spot, between a tractor and the far wall, where it was almost dark. Jordan, already a giant, had contorted himself in alongside her. He took up 90% of the space. The barn smelled of sawdust from the new boards cut to ring the homemade hockey rink outside.

Ginger took off her gloves and blew warm air onto her frozen fingers. Jordan did the same then wrapped his hands around Ginger’s. He was still gangly, almost new to his oversized body, and one of his hands could have fit both of hers. As he worked to restore the feeling in her fingertips, he leaned down and breathed into their cupped hands. The space was suddenly much too small. Their faces were inches apart. Without realizing he was squeezing her hand, Jordan leaned in and kissed Ginger on the lips.

They lingered. Just for a few seconds, maybe ten, mouths touching gently. Then it struck them both at the same time. They gasped and tried to step away from each other. Ginger hit the wall, Jordan hit the tractor and they bounced back into each other.

“Jordan!” she whispered sharply.

“Sorry,” he said, still looking stunned. “I…”

“It’s okay,” she said when she saw the look on his face. He hadn’t planned that. “You just surprised me.”

He slowly smiled. “You kinda kissed me back.”

“I did not.”

“Oh yeah, you kissed me.” The grin was huge now and Ginger knew, somehow, things had changed.

Ginger snapped out of her memory as a loud crack split the air. Jordan had knocked the corner clean off the target board. He did a little victory dance.

“Did you see that?!” he demanded.

“Uhhhh…” she actually blushed.

Jordan put his hand on the end of his stick and rested his chin on his glove. “You’re thinking about the time you kissed me in here, aren’t you?”

Kris spun around, his eyes wide.

“You kissed me!” she shouted.

“That’s still your story?” Jordan laughed. “Okay Ginger, I kissed you. But you didn’t punch me. When I used to pull your hair, or give you wet willies, you always punched me. So you must have liked it.”

Kris was smiling too now, at the embarrassed look on Ginger’s face. Jordan turned to his friend.

“The first, last and only kiss I ever stole from Ginger was right over there. Spent the next five years trying to get another. Guess I have to give up now.” Jordan looked wistfully around the barn. “I should bring another girl here. They go for this nostalgia stuff, right?”

Ginger barely touched her empty pint glass to the table before another materialized, filled to the brim. Jordan put down a pitcher between them, almost sloshing out a wave of beer. Kris let go of Ginger’s hand under the table and started on his drink.

“Round three,” Jordan announced. Three pitchers, three people. Ginger knew she was going to lose this fight.

“Not fair, you can drink like ten times more than I can,” she protested, licking her lips. She was pretty fuzzy already and trying to concentrate on not having to pee.

“No matter how drunk you get me, I am not having a threesome with you,” Jordan said.

Okay, I am drunk, Ginger was sure the smile in her mind was all over her face. Because that sounds pretty awesome right now.

Kris was giving her a look that said You are unbelievable. But he was kidding. She leaned over close to him and stage-whispered:


Her hand squeaked against the glass, giving her nothing to hold onto. Ginger wondered how soundly these mirrored doors were anchored to the track on the ceiling. They were rocking pretty good now.

They’d taken a cab home, only Jordan’s presence keeping them from being caught on transit camera in a compromising backseat position. They ran up the drive and dove through the front door.

Kris grabbed Ginger, in his drunkenness forgetting to be careful. He hauled her in close. With surprising gentleness, he moved his hands up her sides and rubbed the pads of his thumbs against her nipples, through her shirt. It took thirty seconds, but he didn’t stop until they were fully hard and poking through the fabric. As he traced around them, he felt Ginger’s body humming with anticipation.

Mirrors, he reminded himself. It was the only reason not to go to town on her right here inside the front door. She threw the lock and led him upstairs. There was no question what he wanted. Ginger stood between the mirror and the bed. Kris surprised himself by taking the chair at her desk. She got the idea.

Slowly, she lifted the hem of her tank top, drawing it up the taut skin of her stomach. He saw the curve of her waist, the definition along her abs. The shirt crossed her chest, revealing a bright blue bra with light blue trim. One long arm extended over her head and she made sure to stretch high as she pulled the shirt over her hand. She spun it around one finger and tossed it at him. Then she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her black shorts and ran them along the inside, brushing her own skin. With a flick, the button was open. The zipper came down with exquisite slowness. She folded them open to reveal a sliver of matching panty, but then she quickly spun around. Looking at Kris’s reflection over her shoulder, Ginger gently tugged her shorts down over her ass, revealing her underwear inch by inch. The bikini bottoms had cut-out portions at the hips, webbed with lace. The shorts hit the floor.

Mon dieu, he wouldn’t remember thinking later.

Ginger turned back toward Kris, wearing only lingerie. He made to stand, but she held out a single, flat hand. He sat back down. Ginger reached behind her back and unsnapped the clasp. She held the cups to herself and shook the straps loose from her shoulders, then peeled the bra off and tossed it at Kris. He caught it one-handed without moving his gaze. She slid her hands down her stomach, catching just under her panties. Slowly shifting from side-to-side, she slid them down over her hips. When they were just north of the main attraction, she turned again toward the mirror. Kris could clearly see her front and back as she dragged the thin fabric over the rise of her ass. His eyes were elsewhere as the satin fluttered to the ground.

Ginger met his eyes in the mirror. Gotcha, she knew.

Kris practically ripped his clothes off, almost tripping on his shorts in his haste to get to Ginger. As quickly as he got there, he leaned her against the dresser and then took his time running his hands from her breasts to her bare thighs. His fingers moved as slowly as honey pours. Ginger’s breath caught in anticipation.

With a hand on either hip and barely an inch between them, Kris put his lips to hers. Like a circuit being completed, the current caught fire. Her hands grabbed at his hair, his flesh, his muscles. Kris felt lightheaded. He managed to gasp before taking his mouth to her neck. Ginger’s hands were stroking his already hard length as she whispered his name.

Pressed against the side of the wooden dresser, Kris moved Ginger’s feel apart. He swiped a finger through her wetness as she used a hand to spread her lips for her. When he pushed into her, almost lifting her from her feet, Ginger let out a throaty giggle.

Kris looked to his left and caught his breath. The dresser started where the glass ended and they were fully visible in the mirror. He saw the flex of her feet as she tried to balance on tip toes. She saw the small, half moon-shaped scar on at the side of his knee. Ginger used one hand to brush the hair from his face, ensuring him a full view. Then she lifted a leg over his hip and dropped down onto his cock.

Kris moaned. Ginger rose again and drew him up inside her. Then down, bringing her foot to the floor. He watched the curve of her calf muscle as she supported herself on one foot, rocking into his lap with all her weight. She pulled him in for a kiss and he forgot everything.

He bent his knees, forcing his dick father into her pussy. She felt his thighs contracting between hers, his strength impressive even when she could barely remember her name. Her soft skin glided against his like silk. She caught a glimpse of his flexed ass in the mirror and nearly fainted. Kris caught her around the middle and moved them to the floor.

He laid her down, then settled himself between her legs. She was dripping wet and his cock throbbed with the ache of being outside her body. He eased himself back in, watching in the mirror as his erection disappeared inside her hot core. Ginger turned her face toward him and smiled.

“Do that again,” she purred.

Kris did it again a hundred times. Ginger lifted her legs up straight and settled her ass on Kris’ knees. He held her ankles near his head as he slid in and out of her, one hand tracing along her outer thigh. Then she moved her head closer to the mirror, spread her legs in a V and Kris watched like they were starring in their own private movie. He was so hard it hurt and he wanted so badly to come, but he didn’t want this to end. Ginger sobbed out a breath as he pushed himself in balls deep and held.

She caught his eye in the mirror and smiled devilishly. “Tell me what you want,” she breathed. “I know you’ve been thinking about these mirrors for weeks.”

Kris laughed and it almost broke his concentration, almost made him orgasm. He had been thinking about these mirrors. Now he was embarrassed.

Ginger twisted her hips, her hot walls lapping at him. “Do I need to remind you that I propositioned you while you were jerking off? Whatever you thought of, I guarantee I thought of it first.” She shifted again, almost squeezing him off.

“Show me,” she said.

Kris dropped onto her like he was doing a pushup. He lifted his chest and hips at the same time, putting all the weight of his body behind his thrust. Ginger moaned, hitched as he bottomed out and then moaned again. She pinched and rolled her nipple between two fingers. Kris became overwhelmed with the desire to bite her.

She was panting by the time she told him, “Yes Kris, yes.”

He pounded home a few more hard shots, each time earning a squeal of pleasure from Ginger. By now his body was moving on it’s own, all the energy contained inside him was rocketing into his lap. Without another thought of inhibition, he did what he’d wanted to do for days. He sat up and in full view of himself and Ginger, pulled out and came on her body. His load arced up slightly and splashed down between her breasts. A trail dropped across her stomach, milky against her tan, warm and musky.

“Touch me,” she begged. She wasn’t done quite yet. Kris stroked two fingers around the length of her slit then slid them inside. With his thumb, he tweaked her swollen clit. Instantly her back arched. As her pussy pulled at him, she squealed out an long, involuntary sob. He bent and curled, milking her right through climax. When she finally sank to the rug, his hand was soaked.

“Holyshit,” she gasped like it was one word. Kris picked up his t-shirt and wiped his contribution from her skin. She was trembling. “Dear God, I’ve been sleeping in this room for 20 years and never even had a dream that good.”

“Porn star,” he laughed as he lay next to her, arm across her sticky stomach, face in her hair.

Ginger sat on the couch, Jordan’s laptop balanced on her knees. It was a rare rainy day for the summer and Kris and Marc had been working out in Marc’s gym.

“Whatcha doin?” Jordan asked, taking a chair and a bite of an apple.

Ginger’s reflex was to closer her browser, but she stopped just short. “I am looking at schools in Pittsburgh.” She raised her eyes to him, a concerned look on her face. “Should I be?”

“So Tanger’s got you coming to the ‘Burgh,” Jordan chewed slowly. “It’s nice there, G. You’d like it.”

“Yeah, but…”

“But what? Are you going to be happy in Montreal alone? Knowing you could have been with him instead?” He shook his head. “Give in, Ginger.”

Ginger shook her head. That much was obvious and not the problem. “But I have to decide now. Transfer deadline for Pitt is in 6 days. Once it’s past, I’m stuck. What if I do the transfer and we fall apart? I have to make this decision and I’ve still only known him for like two weeks.”

“Talk to him about it. Everything will be fine. And if not, I’ll still be there. It would be nice to have you around all the time, a little piece of home.” Jordan palmed the apple core. “And a nice piece of ass, if I haven’t been clear. I will take Kris’ sloppy seconds, don’t you worry.”

Ginger threw a couch pillow at him and laughed. “Jordan, I could do a lot worse than you.”

He smiled. “And my brothers don’t live in Pittsburgh.”

Ginger was still on the couch when Kris came in. He’d showered and changed at Marc’s. Raindrops glistened on the shoulders of his jacket.

“Want to go out for dinner?” he asked.

Now or never, she thought. Ginger changed into a cute beaded top and Capri pants, slipped on flats and some makeup. It’s fine. He wants me there. I want to be there. It’ll be great. They picked a nearby vegetarian place and ordered noodles. Ginger’s nerves made her stomach flutter, so she had a ginger ale. Kris laughed when she ordered it, his nose crinkling. Oh God.

“I wanted to talk to you about…” she started.

“About moving to Pittsburgh?” he finished her thought. She was momentarily speechless. He smiled.

“Do you want to move?” he asked.

She looked at her plate. “I want to be with you.”

“And I want to be with you.” His hand was on her arm. “I will wait for you, if you don’t want to move. You can finish school then maybe come to Pittsburgh after. If you want.”

She met his eyes and saw a little fear. He couldn’t wait, didn’t want to wait. He was offering because he knew she was scared too. But not being together would be the worst possible thing.

“I don’t want to wait. I don’t want to be away.”

That smile was back. “Me neither,” he said, relieved. “Can you transfer schools?”

She nodded. Five days left.

Kris knew this was his chance. He ignored the turning in his gut. “Is it too much if I ask you to live with me? Then you won’t have to worry about a place and mine is really nice, it just doesn’t feel like home yet and you know we’re away a lot, so you’d have plenty of time to study and it’s near Pitt so you wouldn’t have to go far and…”

“Kris,” she interrupted. “I would love to live with you.”

He forgot his manners and kissed her across the table. Dishes clanked together and Ginger held her glass upright as she met his lips and sealed their deal. Then she laughed.

“You know this is crazy, right? Who moves in together after two weeks?!”

Kris shook his head. “Who follows someone upstairs at a party?”

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chapter 7 - Get Gotten

Soundtrack: I want to get you, so get gotten. I won’t stop till I get to the bottom. – Ben Lee

Ginger put her swimsuit on under a dress. Jordan, TK and Max were already in the pool. She looked in the kitchen and garage, but didn’t see Kris. She wanted to kiss him. He must know that Jordan would tell her, as she knew Jordan would tell him what she’d said. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…

“Go for a walk?” he said, coming up behind her. He held his hand out.

She took them in the opposite direction of her parents’ house, toward the park a few blocks away. They walked hand-in-hand, not really speaking. When they reached the big lawn, Ginger led him under a big leafy tree and sat down in the shade against the trunk. Kris sat next to her. They still held hands.

Awkward, she smiled. I like you, you like me, let’s like each other and then what?

Kris looked at their fingers laced together. What the hell am I supposed to say? I have known you for two days, can I move in with you?

Ginger broke the dramatic silence. “I hear the mayor gave you the key to the city.”

“Would you like for me to stay?” he asked quietly. Jordan was sure of the answer, but Kris still felt nervous.

“I would. I like you, Kris. I’d like it if you stayed,” she squeezed his hand. “I could come to Montreal, too, if you want. I have my apartment there, I could just go back to school early.”

Kris looked at her. He hadn’t even considered that. He hadn’t imagined she would want to give something up to be near him. He was so busy liking her and worrying if she liked him. It was a wonderful feeling, knowing she had been thinking about ways to be together too.

He leaned in and kissed her. “I like you too, Sam. Not just the sex. But the sex….”

“Like WOAH,” she agreed.

Back at the house, everyone was in the pool. Max didn’t look too sad without his date, but TK was pouting a little. It was a beautifully sunny day, perfect for the pool. Upstairs, Ginger waited until Kris was out of his clothes.

She appeared right in front of him, stripped. Taking the swim shorts from his hand, she threw them away and pressed her naked body to his. She reached an arm around, spun the office chair at the desk and used her chest to push Kris into it. The she straddled him and sat in his lap.

“Always wanted to do this,” she said.

Ginger wrapped her legs around Kris and the back of the chair. He lifted her ass clean off his lap, adjusted his hips and laid her weight back down. His cock was angled up, the underside pressing against her pussy, just as it had the first time they’d been in this room together. Except this time, no clothes separated them.

Balancing on the balls of her feet, Ginger rose up and down. The leverage from this position was incredible – she could completely control her movements. Kris’s hands were under her ass, establishing their rhythm.

She loved being face to face with him. It revealed so much. His pupils dilated as his dark eyes swam with lust. That silky hair between their skin. Her lips found his hungrily while still her hips moved. Feeling him grow to fully hard against her body had her fighting to remain conscious. Kris used one hand to position his cock beneath her. One a downward stroke, she made them both gasp by swallowing it wholly into her body. He spread his knees, allowing her ass to drop between his thighs on the down-stroke and get to the very bottom of his case. She titled back slightly, using his biceps to hold herself up.

His gaze traveled the length of her torso. From her sparkling eyes to her freckles she was beautiful. From her soft breasts to her solid abs, she was perfect. Even the pull of her fingers on his arms made him feel wanted. He titled his hips, loving the velvety smooth sheath sliding over his cock. Ginger gripped Kris’ arms harder than she needed. The muscles beneath his skin, beneath his tattoo, were solid in an impossibly svelte way – he was ropy like an animal, with muscles honed from actual use instead of vanity. She admired the slight flex of his abs as he rocked his thick cock into her body. She arched her back slightly to touch her stomach to his as she leaned over and kissed his shoulder.

The curve of her back drew Kris’ hand. He slid fingers along her flesh, all the way over her shoulder and down the front of her body. He tweaked her clit and earned a little moan. It made him smile to know he was learning how she liked to be touched. He planned to learn all her secrets. He took the bouncing breast between his lips and nibbled along the rounded side.

Ginger rewarded him with a harder thrust. She hauled her body up and down his shaft with increasing pressure. Knowing that he liked friction, she began to twist her hips slightly as she fell. It was easy to grip all the way around him – there was no part of her not being loved from the inside. The friction made Kris’ pulse climb a measure. She was moving harder. That made Kris want harder too. With his hands on her hips, he began lifting her slightly and then pulling her in. He slid a little down in the chair and his pelvic bone met her clit on the next stroke. A satisfied whoosh of air was forced from her body.

She kept twisting, rocking hard now, hitting the end of his bone against her hot spot every time. On the third stroke, she stayed down, breaking the pace, and ground her hips forward. Her clit stroked across his ridge, back and forth, and she squeezed hard onto his dick every time a pulse of pleasure traveled up through her core.

Kris gave up on lifting her. He put his hands on her thighs and pushed down, as hard as he could, while he pushed up the same way. She wailed from the back of her throat as he reached her deepest point. Catching her hips, Kris ground his cock into her juicy, dripping pussy.

Suddenly he needed to be on top of her. He needed more force, more urgency, more pressure. He needed to be back there, as far back as there went, and he needed to do it hard. His forearms crossed under her ass and he lifted as he stood. She squealed as he tipped them both onto the bed.  As they hit the mattress, Kris hit the spot again. The head of his penis pressed like a buzzer inside her. It was like being at the back of her throat times a hundred. And it made Kris’ vision blur.

She bent her knees as far as they would go. Kris put his hands on her shins and drove himself inside her. Her head was back, thrashing against the blanket. One of her hand came down her stomach. Kris caught his breath and stared, even as he pounded at her body, as she touched herself, pressing quick and hard across her clit.

Ginger had known that would work. Kris got even harder, feeling fit to burst as he wedged himself through her again and against. She pumped at his dick with the walls of her pussy, pulsing tension through her muscles as if urging him on. He hung his head, grunting with the force of his thrusts, and she ran her fingers through his hair. He raised his face into her palm and kissed it. Then he took her finger into his mouth and sucked, rolling his tongue over her nail at the same pace he was rolling his cock into her body.

Her breath started to catch. He was over her, his chest bare in the sunlight and those shoulders making her dizzy. Her eyes took in the curves and planes of his body as hers began rolling contractions through itself without help.

“Oh God,” she whispered. It was building, seeming to collect behind her eyes and in the pit of her stomach at the same time. Kris was a jackhammer, giving her body not a second to catch it’s breath before he was in her again up to the hilt. She whimpered. Squeezing the breath from her body heightened the sensation.

Kris was desperate to make her come. Any second now, he would explode like the fucking atomic bomb and if she wasn’t done by then she’d be on her own. He wouldn’t even be able to touch her. He silently thanked God and hockey for giving him a career that required endurance and conditioning, because the last few days with Ginger had been testing his limits.

“Fuck,” she muttered, lifting her hips toward him. She purred quietly, then cursed again. “Fucking hell you feel so good. Oh God, Kris…”

Her head twisted to the side and her back arched, ass still lifting into his lap. She gripped the blanket so hard they both heard a tearing sound. Then it was drowned out by her moan. Long, low and very loud, Kris knew everyone in the yard was looking up at their window. She shuddered, whole body writhing on his staff as he hammered home an orgasm that made her swear like a sailor.

She was still twitching when Kris pounded out his last thrust. He heard a sound like the crack of a bat as it sent a baseball out of the park. His head went back as he nailed her hips to the mattress, cock throbbing loads of pure bliss. She moaned as she felt the warmth spread deep inside her. He landed next to her so hard the both bounced. She put a hand to his sweaty face and brushed his hair away. Then she kissed him with her very last ounce of energy and her eyelids drifted closed.

Bang bang bang.

“I know you’re naked so don’t make me come in there. You can’t sleep all day!” Jordan hollered from the hall.

Kris stirred. His body was sore, like he’d taken a big hit to the boards. Then he felt soft skin across his stomach and remembered this was the best game he’d ever played. Ginger was asleep against him, her head on his arm. He rolled up onto his shoulder. Her body glowed in the light of the sun. With the deftest touch, he circled the curve of her breast and the rim of her nipple, then down her side. She was the color of a peach and just as soft. He nuzzled her neck and she came around groggily.

“Stop making me pass out, I’m gonna miss the whole summer,” she pretended to complain.

“Stop making me come so hard, I’m gonna miss next season,” he countered.

“Psshhhttt. You need to train, keep your stamina up.” Her palm was flat against his thigh, forming the outline of his quad muscle. She sighed. “You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

She sounded so sincere that Kris blushed. Sure women had called him hot before. But Ginger’s tone was more respectful, more awed. Like she’s really considered all the options and judged him to be number one.

“Et pour moi tu es la plus belle,” he whispered. She smiled like she understood.

Ginger wanted to stay there all summer. She didn’t want to think or share or even breathe. When he went home, even for a few days, she knew should would go with him. She couldn’t do anything else. He was thinking about it too.

“We are supposed to go back tomorrow. Would you like to come with us? Or I can come right back. Or both,” he smiled. “Don’t think about the money, I will buy the tickets.”

She looked up at him. This was a little sticky. He shut it down.

“If you argue, I will stay here and wear the same four shirts all summer. I don’t care. I can wear Jordan’s.”

Ginger laughed at the thought of Kris in Jordan’s t-shirt, it would hang down to his butt. They were like dresses on her too. With another sigh she curled in as close to him as she could.

“I don’t want to be apart from you,” she said hesitantly. It sounded silly, it had only been a couple of days. “I will come to Montreal if that’s okay.”

Kris kissed her, hard. “Thank God.”

Jordan grilled steaks for dinner. Clearly his Cro-Magnan Man phrase would last all summer. Ginger did baked potatoes inside. When everyone opened theirs, Sidney protested.

“Yours’ is a sweet potato! Not fair!”

“My favorite. Want half?” She cut him a piece and he swapped for his regular potato.

They discussed summer plans. Max had some strengthening to do on his shoulder and Jordan had his foot to work on. Sidney was going back to Nova Scotia to fish and tool around on his jet ski. He invited them all up in a month for a spell at the lake.

“What about you two? Kris, are you moving in?” Jordan asked.

“Ginger’s coming to Montreal with us tomorrow. Then we’ll come back, maybe next week,” Kris answered.

Max gave Kris a slap on the back. Sidney swallowed a scathing remark, reminding himself that he was just sexually frustrated and feeling jealous. It wasn’t fair to hate Kris because he was so goddamned lucky. But the prospect of returning to Cole Harbor like this was too much. That town had been dry of girls before he was the fucking Face of Canada. Now it was a minefield and completely out of the question.

“Ginger,” Sid asked. “Do you perhaps have any friends who might want to come over? Or go out with us? Tonight?”

She laughed. “Sidney Crosby. Are you asking if I can get you laid?”

He laughed at himself. “I am simply saying now that you and Kris are together, what I’m thinking about you is inappropriate. It would be helpful if I could think it about someone else.” Kris held his steak knife out in a mock threat while Ginger rummaged through the bag at her feet.

She paged through her phone and beeped. “Caitlin. Quick question: 1 to 10 on Sidney Crosby.” She listened, looking at Sid. “Short hair.” She listened some more. “Really? I’d go 9 at least. Okay. Thanks.” She disconnected and dialed again.

“Rebecca. Yes or no, Sidney Crosby?” She nodded. “About half… yes. Double yes. Okay. Bye.”

Another call. “Dani, it’s Ginger. Real quick. Sidney Crosby – would you?” She waited. “Better than you think.” Again. “Hahaha, bigger than you think. Okay, hold on a sec.”

Ginger held her phone out to Sidney. The Caller ID showed a girl with short dark hair and a big smile in an enticingly v-neck tank top. Sidney nodded emphatically. “What are you doing tonight? I’m picking you up at 9.” They could hear Dani’s muffled voice on the other end of the phone. “Yes. And shave your legs.”

Ginger put the phone down. “Mission accomplished.”

Jordan beat the end of his fork against the table. “Ginger! Jesus Christ. What about me? Dani is fucking hot!” Sidney looked very excited.

“Jordan, she already knows you. If she wanted you she’d be here now.”

“Does she know I’m home? Did you tell her? UGH. By the way, it took you three tries to get someone for Crosby? Your friends are retarded. Canada should deport them. This,” he slapped Sid on the shoulder, “is the highest honor that Canada can bestow. A piece of Crosby’s legendary ass.”

Ginger stuck her tongue out at him then flipped her phone open again. “Hi Beth, how are you? Good… Listen, I know you leave next week. Want to come out tonight? I’ve got some friends in town. Yes. Yes. Oh boy, you have no idea. Okay. 9:30, meet us at Harrington’s Pub.”

Ginger gave Jordan the phone. He looked at the photo, leaned over and kissed Ginger on the cheek.

“I have to do everything around here!” she said. “Anyone else? Lake House girls coming out tonight or do you need a line change? No wait, don’t answer that. I’m out of friends.”

Ginger pulled up to Dani’s house at 9:02 PM. She turned in the seat. “Crosby, go get her.”

Sid looked deer-in-the-headlights. “What?”

“Well it’s going to be pretty fucking weird if she gets in the backseat next to you and passes out. At least give her the chance to lose consciousness in the comfort of her own home.” Ginger opened her own door. “Fine, come on.”

She rang the bell and the beautiful, dark-haired girl from the photo opened it. She had a messy pixie cut and a nice rack under a blue summer dress. She smiled and Ginger then her eyes fell on Sidney. They went wide, but she recovered nicely.

“Jeez, Ginger. I didn’t think you were serious,” she put a hand to her chest. “I’m Dani.”

Sidney shook her hand and barely remembered his own name. He wondered if it would be socially acceptable to take her upstairs right now. “Sidney, nice to meet you. Ginger didn’t tell me how beautiful you were.”

“No, but Jordan did. His word means more than mine,” Ginger said. “Don’t worry about him, by the way. I called in a date for Jordan. You’re on Crosby duty and no complaining!” She wheeled toward the car.

“I think I can handle that,” Dani said, giving Sid ‘The Look.’

Sid took her hand. “Consider me handled.”

He opened the door and helped her into the car. She leaned over the passenger seat. “You must be Kris. You were right, G. Well done.” Kris laughed as Ginger pulled out of the drive.

They used the front door of the bar. Jordan would likely make a scene but the time for careful was over. Tonight was a last hurrah for a week that had turned into more than expected for almost everyone involved. Half the heads in the place watched them come in, and the other half quickly heard the news. But no one approached. Sidney put a hand to Dani’s back and followed her through the crowd.

“Beth!” Ginger grabbed a girl with curly, dark blonde hair. Almost brown. Beth hugged her then looked around. Her face went from surprised to stunned. She managed to introduce herself to Kris, then Sidney and Dani. She gave Dani a conspiratorial little smile. At that moment Jordan burst through the door like it was the OK Corral with Max, TK and the Lake House contingent hot on his heels.

“Beth, this is Jordan,” Ginger started. Jordan interrupted her by grabbing Beth, dipping her almost to the floor and kissing her on the mouth. He flipped her to her feet and she shook her head.

“Thank you, Ginger!” she yelled and pulled him down to kiss her again. Without moving his face, Jordan gave Ginger a victory sign.

The night quickly got blurry. Beers and shots and drinks were poured and passed and spilled. Jordan consumed more of Beth than he did alcohol. Sidney found a semi-private corner where he could dance with Dani. Ginger snuck in and took a phone photo of them kissing. Sidney had his hand at the back of her neck and Dani clung to his flexed bicep. Ginger peeled them apart to show if off.

“Facebook tomorrow, bitches!” And she ran off.

At the bar, Kris watched her with a smile on his face. When she caught his eye from across the room, she actually blew him a kiss. In a tipsy haze, it felt like an arrow to his heart. I am never letting her out of my sight. She came back to the bar.

“What are you studying in school?” he was pretty sure he said it in English.

“Elementary education. I want to teach kids,” she said, probably not in French.

Kris breathed in from her hair. “Do they teach that in Pittsburgh? Because if you’re more than 5k away from me, I might die. I could request a trade to Montreal, I guess.” He looked almost serious.

“I have known you for three days! Wait till the honeymoon wears off then ask me that again.” He stuck his lower lip out in a pout. Ginger kissed it. “Yes, they have the program in Pittsburgh. My mom checked because she kinda always through I would end up with Jordan.”

They both looked at Jordan, who was sucking Beth’s face off like the Predator on the dance floor. Ginger shivered and Kris kissed her again. “End up with me instead. Please,” he laughed.

“I already checked the schools again. Hahaha. Does that make me a crazy stalker? I felt crazy looking,” she made a face.

“I’ve never had a stalker. It’s kinda sexy.” He proved it by kissing her into a pile of Jello.

By midnight, the place was emptying out but they were not finished. Beth and Jordan separated long enough to each drive a vehicle home – they’d done more kissing than drinking. Everyone poured into the house and onto the pool deck.

Kris sat behind Ginger, his legs around her, at the edge of the pool. Max and his date were back in the hammock. Sidney and Dani had been sitting on the lawn, but now all they could see was Sid’s ass above the grass where he lay on top of her. TK and his date were tossing the beer pong ball around. Jordan and Beth may never have made it in from the driveway.

“I love it when a plan comes together,” Ginger said, surveying the scene. Sidney heard her and raised a hand in the air, giving her a thumbs-up. She heard Dani giggle.

She leaned back against Kris. Silently, she lifted her ass off the concrete, unzipped her shorts and slid them off. Without standing, she pulled them over her feet, tossed her top, handed her bra to Kris and slipped into the pool completely naked. Kris sat there with his jaw on the ground. There could have been a unicorn in the pool and no one would have noticed. But Ginger was naked, presumably for him, in what amounted to a public place. Kris was already so hard he doubted he could get his shorts off. So he took out his wallet and phone, dumped his shirt and dropped into the water. He was struggling with his shorts when Ginger swam up to him around the 5 foot mark. She helped unzip and took him in her hand. They could both stand here.

“Everyone can see us,” Kris whispered.

“No, the pool lights are off. They won’t notice unless you make me scream,” she taunted him. “So try not to be so fucking incredible, okay?”

Kris gave up. He didn’t care who saw or heard. He’d barely noticed that it sounded like Sid and Dani were going for it in the grass. That’s because he’s sleeping on the couch, Kris smiled. Then he touched Ginger’s bare skin and forgot everything else. She hooked a leg over his hip, pressed her breasts against him and pushed a kiss to his mouth.

“Kris, thanks for coming to visit,” she said.

“Ginger… or Samantha… or whoever you are, thanks for waiting until I got here,” he replied.

She laughed. “Thanks for jerking off in the bathroom so I had an excuse to have sex with you.”

His turn to chuckle. “Thanks for being horny enough to follow me inside.”

Kris’ fingers brushed down her stomach onto her bare thighs. She sucked in a breath and forgot what she was going to thank him for next. They were drunk and both knew this would be a hard-and-fast encounter. Kris confirmed that by dragging one finger through her pussy. She pressed her head back, bending her neck over the edge of the pool. Kris kissed her exposed skin and slid that finger inside her. Then another. Just like in the lake, her warmth was completely different from that of the water.

Ginger stroked Kris’ cock. She made a mental note to do this again with the lights on so she could see his impeccable body this way. That alone could make her orgasm. Maybe better with the lights off, she thought. Before she could get too far along, she brought his head to the space between her thighs. With a single, graceful push, Kris was inside her warm folds. The water lifted her easily in his arms.

Kris pulled them away from the wall and slid them deeper, where he could maneuver using his hands on the edge of the pool. She held on to him as he lifted his body into hers, buoyancy giving him a range of motion more full that anything they’d tried. He pressed deeply enough to bring her chest clear out of the water. Ginger bit his shoulder hard to keep from crying out.

The cool water created an opposite sensation outside her body from the thermonuclear reaction Kris was stirring inside. His hard, smooth cock mined her body for heat and struck gold every time. She wrapped legs around him and angled her hips for an even deeper drilling. Holding onto his insanely broad shoulders proved the best choice for both leverage and completely delirious desire. As Kris drove his throbbing dick into her, Ginger held on for all she was worth. She did her best not to cry out as Kris’ pelvic bone pressed against her clit.

“Do that again,” she panted, “and I will wake up fucking Buffalo from here.”

He did it again and she squeaked. Again and she gasped. On the third time, she growled.

“I will black out and drown if you keep that up.”

But it was an invitation. Kris worked his body into hers. Every time he hit her hot spot, her pussy caught him like an impossible overtime glove-save and brought him right to the verge of a nervous breakdown. He rewarded her with another hard stroke to her clit. She cursed in French.

“Baise-moi.” Fuck me.

Kris granted her wish. He fucked her right to the edge of what she truly wanted. He stopped and started, went deep and shallow, pushed hard then soft until she was whimpering in his arms. The liquor and heat and water conspired for a particularly messy exchange.

“Ginger,” he panted. He was so close to coming that he couldn’t be sure what language he spoke. Forget the booze – any woman who made him feel this way deserved the truth.

“Ginger, I’m crazy about you.” he panted.

“That’s not my name,” she purred back.

He corrected himself. “Samantha. I lied when I said I like you. It’s more than that.”

“More for me too, Kris. We’ll be okay.”

She barely got that out. He drove extra hard into her and forced his pelvis hard against her clit. Swiveling his hips, and hoped it felt for her like his mouth had felt upstairs. Apparently, it worked. Ginger dug her fingers into his back and side. Her mouth was right near his ear as she gasped.

“Kris, Kris…,” she moaned softly, right into his ear. As another wave of orgasm crashed into her, she writhed in his arms. “Oh my God, Kris.” It sounded like a prayer, something full of wonder and gratitude.

He thrust two more times and, biting into the ripe flesh of her bare shoulder, strangled his own cry as he came. His body let loose on impact – it was like two cars colliding at high speeds. A long moan accompanied the hot gush of lust that exploded from his body into hears. It was muffled by his mouthful of her skin. He drew in and out three times, exhausting every ounce of himself inside the depths of her body.

They hung their, suspended in the water and completely spent against each other. Ginger was woozy, unsure she could walk. Kris pulled out of her body and reached onto the deck for his t-shirt. Pulling it right into the water, he dragged it over her head and covered her. He retrieved his shorts and pulled them on. Then they ran for it.

They were almost in the door when Max laughed. “You two should do phone sex. That was epic.” Sid and Dani cheered from across the yard. Ginger giggled and kept going into the house.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Chapter 6 - Cool and Calm

Soundtrack: I'm not supposed to be this nervous, I should play my hand all cool and calm... I can't breathe. I'm losing control of my heart. - Daniel Bedingfield

Kris rolled on top of her, circling his arms all the way around her body, and put his chin on her chest. He looked up at her and sighed. Yesterday morning he would never have imagined this could happen. He wasn’t sure he believed it now. Lying with her, so intimately, it felt like they’d known each other forever. But in fact, he knew very little of her.

“Tell me something about you,” he said. She touched his hair. He loved it when she touched his hair.

“My name isn’t Ginger. Not really.”

Kris closed his eyes. I didn’t even know her name. How can I feel this way about someone I don’t even know? She raised her head, looking down her body where his face was resting.

“I’m Samantha. Nice to meet you.” She smiled. “There was another Samantha, same year as me since pre-school. And since both of my brothers went by Harris, that wouldn’t work. So the red hair did me in. No one ever calls me Samantha.”

“Samantha Harris,” Kris said, trying it out.

Say it again, she urged him. Say it every day.

“It sounds cute with your accent,” she said, sliding down underneath him until their faces were level. Then she kissed him. Instantly Kris’ mind reeled. It was like a life-flashing-before-your-eyes montage, instead it was all Ginger and it was all sex. Ginger against the wall, holding her in the lake, her wearing his t-shirt. Kris laughed through the kiss.

“I almost completed an entire thought about you that wasn’t sexual. So close!”

She rolled her eyes. “Boring!”

Kris kissed his way down Ginger’s body. For a second while they were talking, he’d even forgotten she was naked. It was a wonderful thing to remember. He slowly trailed his lips over her shoulders, breasts and chest. They still had that gentle, delicate feeling from the day and he worked at that pace. She sighed. Ginger spread her legs to allow Kris’ chest to rest on the bed between them while he kissed her stomach. The heat from his bare skin was seeping into her, making her more drowsy. She wondered if he could kiss her to sleep, when princes were forever kissing their women awake. As he moved lower, passing a warm breath over her inner thigh, she thought better of it. She’d be awake soon enough.

Kris pressed a kiss to her leg, then another one higher up. He brushed a finger along her bikini line, making her flinch. Hmmm, ticklish, he made a mental note. Before he could experiment more, he gave in to his own desire. He’d said it at the lake and been thinking of it since. He wanted to taste her. As he ran a fingertip around her opening, her body went taut. With agonizing slowness, she relaxed under his repeated touch. It took concentration to release tension, and he would wait until she got there. He breathed on her again, softly. Then he placed his tongue to her skin.

Ginger gasped slightly. His tongue was soft but slightly abrasive, like a very naughty kitten. He took his time, lots of time. He moved so slowly Ginger could barely tell he was moving at all. When he finally pressed his tongue into her, Ginger’s back arched itself in a desperate attempt to be closer to his mouth.

Torture, pure and simple. He liked it. She’d been torturing him all day – that bathing suit, those smiles, the not-so-subtle comments whispered in his ear. She had earned this treatment and he would make sure she paid for it in spades. Besides, she tasted like honey and sunshine. Planting a kiss, Kris moved one finger inside her. Her body squeezed appreciatively. With a thought to their underwater romp, Kris maneuvered his finger the way she’d liked it before. Then he tried something else. And another thing. She seemed to like them all. Just to make sure, he tested each one again.

She had her hands in his hair. It was impossibly soft and thick. As she fingered through it, the lower half of her body was blocking out her brain. Kris had two fingers inside her now, and she was fighting the urge to start pleading with him to take her now. That would only earn her more time on this ride. All she could do was give in, press her head back and breathe deep.

That breath almost escaped her when Kris flicked his tongue over her clit. Two fingers were still working their magic, ever so gently coaxing the core of her body into a pile of jello. His mouth was like an exclamation point at the end of the scream she knew was building in her body. She looked down and pulled his hair to the side. His eyes met hers and smiled. She quivered.

Kris was really, really hard. Painfully hard. Still, there was no end in sight. She’d come twice, at least, before he allowed himself any relief at all. He’d been planning this all day. Closing his mouth over her clit, he stole a trick out of Ginger’s playbook. He started humming.

Woaholyfuck. Her body twanged like the string of a perfectly tuned guitar. That was definitely the right note. Hips lifted up of their own accord. She smiled, wondering if he was singing the words in French in his head. He was.

Between measures of the song, Kris extracted his fingers and painted them over the outside of her pussy. Heat poured off her body. A lot of energy was building, but he’d taken her no where close to orgasm yet. She was going to have to beg for that. He wanted to know she’d been thinking about him the way he’d been thinking about her. That every move he made felt like a kick to her gut. Every time he touched his skin, cracked a smile, laughed – he wanted her to think of him, inside her, pulling the air from her lungs and the thoughts from her head. Because that’s how she made him feel. He pushed his fingers back inside her.

I’m going to pass out, she thought seriously. All day, she’d watched the roll of his shoulders and the bronze of his skin and dreamed that merely a few hours later he would be doing exactly what he was doing now. In her mind, she had stamina and will-power that would make Max jealous. In real life, under Kris’ touch and tongue, she was starting to twitch like a cat in heat.

She whimpered out loud and felt, rather than heard, Kris laugh. He looked up at her. She groaned and tossed her head back. “Please Kris.”

“What was that?” The sudden disappearance of his mouth from her skin made her stomach drop in disappointment.

“Please, Kris. Please make me come,” she panted.

Still his fingers moved artfully. He was sliding them all the way in, matching the way he planned to use his cock later. Well, one of the ways. “You’re going to have to ask me nicer than that. I have been thinking about this all day.”

“Me too,” she said. “All day I’ve been thinking about you inside me. I…” she swallowed a breath as he increased the speed and pressure of his fingers.

“You…” he said directly onto her pussy, breathing out.

She jerked her hips against him, trying to do for herself what he refused to do for her. “I want you, Kris. I am begging you.”

“So beg me.” He returned his tongue to her clit and claimed another whimper from her body.

“I want… I want you to….” Please, please I don’t want to laugh and ruin this. I want to tell you how much I want you.

“Dirty,” he said. “Beg me.” Where is this coming from? This girl makes me do crazy things.

Ginger could have rolled off the bed, he pressed into her so hard. She didn’t know how he could hear, the blood in her head sounded like a hailstorm. Her voice was barely more than a whisper for fear of becoming a scream.

“I want you inside me. That juicy cock, you know how to use it. Slide it into me, Kris, fill me up. Ride me. I want to scream your name.” If she’d had any rational thoughts, she would have felt ridiculous saying these things out loud. But she meant them. “You know how tight I am. Feel how wet I am for you. I know you want me Kris.”

Kris did indeed. With a few shifts of his hips he could have finished himself off then, pressed into the mattress as he was. But the more she talked, the more he knew that nothing would satisfy him unless it came from her body. i, he knew.

Fingers and mouth began to move in harmony. Ginger squirmed gratefully. Moving with full, deliberate strokes, Kris quickly had her trembling beneath him. Her hands twisted in the sheets. One of her heels hooked behind his ass, trying to pull him into her. Short, hard licks met deep, long strokes of his hand. He played her like a piano, right to her highest note.

“Kris, Kris,” she sobbed breathlessly.

Finally, when he himself was on the verge of coming, he rolled into her clit with full, sweeping strokes. Her body threw a vice grip onto his hand. Her stomach clenched, thighs went tight. Forcing herself down onto him, Ginger worked her hips. Kris curled his fingers forward slightly, finding the sweet spot he’d hit earlier.

It only took one time. Her body spasmed, arching her back and throwing her full weight to the mattress. Kris felt her sweet, dense milk pour over his tongue. She twitched as he lapped it up. It was the hottest thing he’d ever experienced – he had wrecked her body, made it do exactly what he wanted. He had owned her, this girl he’d been powerless against for two days.

Kris was on his knees over her. He turned Ginger’s chin toward him and she smiled.

“Not over yet?”

“You didn’t scream,” he smiled and he slid his cock into the most perfect woman on earth.

He nearly blacked out on contact. She gave him a rough squeeze for good measure. Shouldn’t have teased her, he almost laughed. Should have known she could still kick my ass.

“Beg me, Kris. Tell me exactly what it feels like for you and I might just let you finish.”

“Hot. Wet. Tight,” he grunted.

“Caveman,” she laughed, wrapping her legs around his back.

He loosed a long, growly sentence in French.

“That sounded more like it,” she cooed, pressing her fingernails into his backside.

Kris was moving hard, trying to think of what to tell her without breaking concentration about his orgasm. The second he started talking he would lose it. And then he’d never get to say anything. Ginger moved her hips harder. She brought her body down his shaft, sliding under him as he reached up into her. Her breasts bounced every time he pounded into her.

Kris’ ears started to ring. Ginger whipped her hips from side to side, rotating his cock. Every centimeter of his skin got a kiss from her pussy as she tossed him around inside her. She added a squeeze, keeping him guessing. She pulled him in and pushed him out, then begged him to come back.

Ginger was holding her breath. Kris was thrusting her in half, rocking the bed against the wall with a telltale banging sound that she knew he couldn’t even hear. He was fighting it hard, and now she was too. It is impossible to come again so soon, so hard. This cannot be healthy. But one look at his shoulders, muscles straining against his skin and Ginger was climbing that ladder right behind him. She kissed him fiercely. She had an idea.

“Kris, come for me,” she whispered. His eyes flashed, like he would protest. Then he blinked, and his eyes rolled. He slammed into her and held, stiff as a board, his throbbing penis bursting inside her. Without even moving, she felt him go three times. He fell next to her panting.

“You didn’t get to….” His English was failing along with his brain.

“Not done yet,” she said, rolling onto her stomach alongside him. “Touch my back.”

Ginger put a hand under her body, and began to mimic the motions Kris had traced across her clit earlier. She could take care of herself in a heartbeat, but the feeling of Kris tracing his hand over her bare back was exquisite. He caressed her shoulders, down her spine, along her ribs. She pressed and rolled, adding her hips into the mix. Kris’s fingers arched over the span of her hips and rise of her ass. The wetness on her thighs bore his fingerprints.

She hitched a breath as Kris ran a single finger into the cleft between her legs. The edge came quickly as he traced around her opening. When he dipped his finger into her, she came. A strangled cry drowned in the pillow below her face. Her hips rose and rolled, pumping sensation up into her body. Kris milked her pussy, draining the last of her energy. She dropped to the bed, then he followed suit.

“What did you say in French?” she could barely find her voice.

He smiled. “That you are the sweetest peach, and you taste as good as you look.”

“Liar. But I like it,” she rolled into him and quickly fell asleep.

That I want to own you and marry you and fuck you within an inch of your life everyday until the end of time, Kris knew he couldn't say.

When morning came, Kris woke first. The bed looked like a war zone. They were curled into the corner where they’d fallen into a devastated sleep the night before. There was no denying that every molecule in his body enjoyed waking up wrapped around her. Even where their skin was stuck together – the back of her thighs to the front of his – Kris relished in the contact. His cock felt beaten and bruised. It had been a while since he’d had a workout like that.

Anything could happen. She might still just be in this for the sex. He had two days left that required careful orchestration, but he didn’t know where to start. He’d be in Montreal for the summer – maybe she could visit him. He could come back to Jordan’s. Hell, he didn’t actually have to leave Jordan’s at all. A few training adjustments and he could spend the next two months getting cozy and getting off in equally spectacular measure. But what does she want? Kris resolved to ask Jordan for advice. After all, it was his house they’d be moving into.

Ginger woke, but didn’t move. She could tell from Kris’ breathing that he was awake. Not wanting this to end, she lay still and closed her eyes again. I could ask Jordan. I should. I will ask Jordan. Ugh, he’s going to make me pay. She needed to know what was going on outside of this week of Kris’ life. Were there other women, other trips, other places? Might there be a place for her? Jordan would eventually come around and spill the beans. That boy loved to gossip almost as much as he loved to be gossiped about.

“Morning Sam,” Kris whispered. Her breathing had given her away too.

“Bon matin, beau mec,” she said in perfect French. Kris let go as he laughed. If that was the extent of her French it was going to be a long road for them.

“Did you learn that at school?”

She rolled to face him. “Oh yeah, they teach it to the freshmen. ‘Say this to a cute guy then get him to teach you the rest of French.’” She put a finger to Kris’ lips. “Like French kissing.”

Diligently, Kris kissed her. “What else would you like me to teach you?”

“Whatever you said last night,” she teased.

He blushed a little. She really did know he’d lied. But he couldn’t tell her anything till he talked to Jordan. Instead, he asked his morning question again. “Do you have to go today?”

She shook her head no. Relief eased the crease in his brow.

“Stay with me?” he asked.

She nodded. Then she smiled. “I think I need a break from the sex though. I cannot fit that thing inside me again for a few hours.”

They were up first. Ginger went into the kitchen and started banging around breakfast supplies. Kris helped a little, but mostly he watched her move through like she owned the place. Bread, milk, eggs, bowls, whisks…

“Did some guy teach you French toast?” he asked.

“Nope,” she handed him the bowl. “There are some things that I can teach you.”

He followed her instructions and beat the bread dip. She whipped up breakfast and dropped two plates onto the table with syrup and juice. Kris sat, and then she sat next to him. Not across. Add it to the list, Kris thought. Every day.

Ginger touched her leg against his. "You make that French toast look really sexy,” she said.

Bodies rose from the dead at the smell of baking. She commanded the kitchen and fed the troops. Sidney looked at the French toast like he’d never seen food before, then made at face at Kris.

“I really hate you,” he said.

Jordan came in last, having slept like a rock in his big empty bed. He swatted Ginger’s ass and told her to hurry up and feed him, woman! “After all, I think you owe me a new headboard. You guys should make a movie,” he said with his mouth full.

She feigned indignity. “There was no screaming last night.”

“Uh, there was some,” Kris said without looking up from the newspaper.

She grabbed it and smacked him on the head. “Jordan calling for Sidney in his sleep does not count.”

Sidney made a What did I do? face, then turned to Jordan. “My name goes above the movie title. Not yours.”

Max borrowed Jordan’s car to return the Lake House girls to their rental. Apparently they had something to do that even Max’s ministrations could not keep them from. They promised to be back after dinner. Ginger had no doubt.

“Losing your touch, Max?”

He laughed. “Let me touch you and you’ll find out.”

Kris left them sparring in the kitchen and went into the yard. Jordan was emptying out the grill so he could refill the charcoal. It seemed another vacation day by the pool was in order. Kris grabbed a scraper and volunteered.

“So ask me,” Jordan prompted, soot all over his hands.

“What should I do?”

Jordan wiped his fingers on a towel. “Do you like her?” Kris nodded. “I mean, really like her? Not just up all night screwing her brains out?” He laughed. “Thanks for that, by the way. If you were anyone else, I’d punch your face in. Making her scream your name in my house… asshole.”

“What if that’s all she wants? What if she’s not interested in me?” Kris asked.

“Dude, Ginger could have screwed half of Ontario by now if she wanted. She’s not in it for the sex. Although she does seem to enjoy it. Loudly.” He dropped the grill lid closed. “Sid made a move before you got here and she wasn’t interested. If it was just the sex, why not him?”

Kris grimaced. Sidney would still make a move. Probably was making one now. But she had turned him down multiple times. He smiled.

“Could I stay here for the summer?” he smacked Jordan with the scraper.

“You guys have to get your own porn palace. But yes, I give you permission to move to Thunder Bay. Signed, the Mayor.”

Jordan went inside to change. He passed the kitchen and Ginger followed him upstairs. She trailed right into his bedroom and closed the door.

“Want to see if I can make you scream louder?” Jordan asked, taking his shirt off. She made a face. “Alright, loser. Ask me.”

Ginger raised her eyebrows. “Ask you what?”

“If Kris likes you or if he just wants to bang your headboard off the wall for a few more days. Unless that’s NOT why you came in here,” he was opening his shorts.

She turned to face the wall. “Does he have a girlfriend?”

“What?! No. Jesus, Ginger. I wouldn’t let some guy climb all over you if he was two-timing someone else. What kind of friend do you think I am?”

She put her hands up in defense. “I don’t know! Bro’s before ho’s and all that. Come on, you players are players. I am not an idiot.”

He spun her around, his swim trunks now on. He was very tall, towering over her with his hands on her shoulders and speaking right into her face. “Ginger. You are an idiot if you think I’d let someone hurt you. Let them get anywhere near you if they weren’t Kris. And probably only Kris. So no, he does not have a girlfriend. And he’s not just in it for the sex.”


“Every idiot in Montreal is visiting me this week. You both like each other, it’s so obvious. Plus, he just asked me the same thing.”

Ginger’s heart did a little happy dance.

“And he asked if he could move in here for the summer. I said no. But I might change my mind.” Jordan folder her into a hug and smiled. “Go easy on each other, okay? I don’t want to be the one who made something bad happen to either of you.”

Jordan went downstairs and passed through the living room. Kris looked up from the couch.

“She’s all yours, Tanger.”

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chapter 5 - Girl Like That

Soundtrack: You’ve got to think, with a girl like that, any luck at all is better than nothing. – Matchbox20

Ginger had gone to the bathroom at some point and covered them when she returned. They were entwined tightly, Kris’ arm locked around her back, her leg hooked over his and running the length of the inside. Her hand was over his heart.

Kris lay still, enjoying the moment. He played yesterday over in his mind – the only reaction he could come up with was disbelief. An amazingly sexy, confident and beautiful girl had come on to him, picked him up and absolutely rocked his world. And here she was, fast asleep in his arms beneath the breaking light of day. He twirled a strand of her red hair in his fingers. He’d never been with a redhead before, never even really known one. Maybe that was part of her secret. Maybe it was that she knew Jordan, knew hockey players and was not impressed simply by their jobs. Or maybe it was something else entirely, something only she had. Something she had wanted to share only with him.

Kris wondered if she would hang around today. He and the guys were here for a few more days. Now he couldn’t imagine spending them away from her. What if she went home around the corner and forgot all about him? Could he really stay here and act like she hadn’t just altered his universe? Ginger stirred in his arms. She nestled against him, then pawed at his chest like a cat before raising her head.

“Mmmm,” she looked at him. “Morning gorgeous.”

He held her tighter. She shifted alongside him and he felt a familiar stirring below the beltline. Don’t get greedy, he cautioned himself. Maybe she only meant to be with you one night. Still, she was here and she was naked. There was zero chance his body could ignore that.

“Morning,” he murmured.

Ginger felt like she was floating on a warm, comfortable cloud. Kris’s body heat had created a little cocoon for them beneath the light blanket. His heart beat under her cheek. She would have thought it impossible for someone to be so perfect – so sexy and sweet at the same time – before she’d met Kris.

She trailed her hand across his stomach and down over his abs. His body was a marvel of fine-tuning. She could see his hard-on lifting the blanket from his lap and wondered if it was just morning wood or if some of that tension was for her. With soft fingertips, she brushed into his curly hair and around the base of his penis.

Kris had been willing her to touch him. He’d called every power in the universe and every fiber of his being to move her hand down his body. Now as she lightly grazed him, tracing her fingers over his inner thighs and slightly tugging at his erection, he thanked them all for putting her here, in his arms, in this bed.

Ginger felt Kris’ hips shift under her hand. She toyed with him for a moment, activating her sensory memory with scenes from last night. She was quickly wet and a little woozy. Her grip tightened and Kris moaned into her hair.

“Roll over, sweet. I want to hold on to you,” he said.

She turned her back and Kris fitted himself against her. For the third time – first standing, then lying face to face, now this – Kris felt the shape of her body describe an exact match to his. He brushed her hair away and kissed the back of her neck and shoulder. Fully hard now, he guided his penis into the space between her legs and rubbed the head along her slit. He smiled at the warmth and wetness that awaited him.

With a hand on her hip, Kris slowly moved himself into her body. She pressed back and sighed. As he moved gently, slowly, Kris and Ginger made love for the first time.

It was different than yesterday. They’d been seeking release and an outlet for their lust. They had reveled in the scandalous danger of the tryst. With that and a night in each other’s arms behind them, now their bodies sought comfort and companionship.

Ginger rocked her hips into Kris, gently pushing her butt into his lap. His erection felt smooth inside her folds. His fingers found her nipple and gently tweaked it, before taking the weight of her breast in his hand. She cooed at the feeling of touch in two places. When his breathed a kiss to her neck, she nuzzled into him. Kris marveled at the warm, delirious feeling she produced in him. He explored her body, the slow motion revealing places and pleasures he had missed the night before. They were barely moving. His hand relinquished her breast and roamed down her stomach into the space between her legs.

Ginger shivered as Kris lightly touched her clit. He got harder as he did so, her arousal making him more aroused. His breath came more quickly on her neck. Her own body was reacting in a slow, sleepy way. Half massage, half sex and all surrender, this was their most pleasurable encounter yet.

His hand began to move harder against her, working her up while giving himself a deeper reach. Ginger felt her nerves twisting deliciously – her whole body wanted this. With a few twists of her hips, she brought herself right to the top. Kris gave another twitch of his fingers and pulse of his cock to send her spinning into a burst of light. A small cry escaped her lips as a gentle, shuddering wave rolled across her. Kris still moved inside her, thrusting twice before she felt his body go stiff, then soft.

Like a leaf that has collected water, the last drop of Ginger’s orgasm tipped Kris gently forward and he spilled himself inside her. Both arms held her close as their bodies shuddered together and finally gave out. They lay still for a long few minutes, just breathing in the closeness of each other.

Yesterday, Ginger hadn’t been thinking about today. She hadn’t expected to be so overwhelmed by Kris, to be so comfortable with him. Mostly she hadn’t expected to want him so much, again and again. Now she feared her decision to go one night might turn sour when she could not have more.

Kris was also thinking about today. If Ginger left, he would have to stay behind. He would sleep alone in this room and never be able to close his eyes.

“Don’t say you have to go today,” he said softly, still inside her.

“I was just thinking that I hoped you would want me to stay.”

Kris bear hugged her as tightly as he could. Even his softening penis gave her a pulse of gratitude. If they never left this bed never saw their friends or food or the summer sky again, he would have wanted her to stay. Instead he pulled gently from her and helped her turn around.

“Please stay, Ginger,” he made it official. She smiled and kissed him solidly. Then she sat up, dumping the blanket from her naked body.

“I’m hungry.”

Ginger could have floated downstairs on the smell of bacon. Jordan was at the stove frying up a storm when they came in. Kris had donned a pair of swim trunks and a t-shirt. Ginger found a pair of someone’s old shorts and topped them with one of Kris’ shirts. She’d gathered the shirt at the small of her back and cinched it with a hair tie, pulling it tightly around her waist. A sliver of her skin was visible just north of the too-big shorts. Kris watched the outline of her body move against his clothing and desperately wished they had not left the room quite yet.

Max applauded as Ginger took a piece of bacon from Jordan’s pan. His lake house girl was still there, giggling against his shoulder. Sidney looked up from the newspaper and smiled, but still let his eyes pour slowly over the shape of Ginger’s body. Kris almost rolled his eyes.

“Woke up the neighborhood, you two did,” Max said proudly.

Kris hid his face in the refrigerator, but relaxed when Ginger was unfazed.

“Found your porn, Jordo,” she lied.

“I see you also found your way into my pants.” He laughed at the way she’d rolled and pulled the shorts to get them to stay on her body. “If you’re going to swim later, you cannot swim in those.”

“I’ll make a run home in a bit. We used up all your porn anyway. Need some fresh material.”

At the table, Kris draped his arm over the back of Ginger’s chair without thinking. She leaned back into it and his hand closed around her upper arm. It felt good to touch her casually and in front of everyone. He knew she could handle the joking, but this contact seemed to let everyone know they were not just kidding around.

“What’s the plan for today?” Max asked. Doing so in front of the girl meant he intended to bring her. Sidney scowled a bit, knowing he’d have to watch them go at it all day.

“We’re taking the boat out, maybe some tubing,” Jordan said through a mouthful of breakfast. “We need two cars to drive to the dock.”

“I can drive,” Ginger offered. “I’ll run to my house, change and get my car. Want the cooler?”

Jordan nodded and they discussed provisions. Kris’ mind drifted as he wondered what Ginger’s room looked like, what it would smell like, what kind of underwear she kept in her drawers. He was thinking about the sheets on her bed when she asked, “Want to come for a walk?”

They turned left out of Jordan’s and went a few streets down. Jordan had bought the house mostly for its proximity to his parents, and thus to Ginger’s. Ten minutes later, she turned up the pathway to a dark blue house with white shutters. They went around to the back and Ginger opened the unlocked door.

“Hello?” she called from the kitchen. No answer. “Guess they’re not here.”

Kris followed her up the stairs. Her room was exactly what he’d pictured. Two walls were white, one s bright robin’s egg blue and the fourth wall was all closet. All mirrored closet. Kris’ mouth got dry at the thought of her, in bed, before all that mirror. She dug into a few drawers, tossing her bathing suit on the bed with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Next came a baseball cap and a towel.

Kris looked at the photos above her desk. College girls at a fraternity party, Ginger with a red haired woman who could only have been her mother. There was an old photograph of two kids on a tricycle with another older boy chasing them down a driveway. Ginger, Jordan and Marc. She also had the team photo taken on the ice right after they won the Stanley Cup. Jordan was front and center, wrapped around the trophy and shouting in triumph.

“There I am,” Kris pointed to the far left of the second row.

She squeezed in next to him and leaned close. “Hmmm, you are cute.”

When she turned, she was right up against him. A knowing smile crossed her face but she stepped away. Kris continued to examine her room until the lights went out. He pulled something off his head – it was the t-shirt she’d been wearing. Spinning around, she was standing there naked stepping into her bikini bottom. The suit was a soft, metallic gold. Against her tanned skin and beneath her fiery hair, it looked fit for a goddess.

Kris’ mouth fell open at the sight of her bare naked in the daylight. She leaned over to pick up the bottom of her suit, causing her hair to fall over her face. As she stood, the sunlight framed her. It accentuated the indentation of her waist and shone through the space high between her thighs like it was the doorway to Narnia.

She looked up. Kris almost averted his eyes, embarrassed to be caught out staring at her like a piece of meat. But Ginger smiled. She arranged the thin straps of her bikini bottom over her hips, then handed him the top.

“Would you?” she asked, turning.

He reached his arms around her and she held the front of the suit to her chest. He dragged her hair aside and tied the cords behind her neck. Grasping the others, he tied them across the middle of her back. Then he pressed a series of kisses up her spine. She rolled her shoulders into him.

“Later, I promise.”

Kris couldn’t concentrate the whole ride to the dock. TK and his lake house girl were in the back, telling a story from the night before, but all Kris could see whas Ginger in her swimsuit. It made his cock ache to know her beautiful body would be dangling before him all day and there would be no way to have her. They hauled the cooler into the boat and Jordan pulled them away from the dock. Max passed around drinks. Ginger handed Kris a bottle of sunscreen, stood up and pulled her shirt over her head.

Sidney almost fell overboard. Her breasts filled the triangle cups of her top, leaving just enough to the imagination. Her taut, flat stomach raced down her body into a pair of cutoff denim shorts. Kris had seen it before and still had trouble breathing. She sat down next to him, swept her hair over and waited.

“Pssst, Kris,” she whispered when nothing happened.

“Oh!” He had lost his train of thought somewhere around her belly button. Now he filled a hand with SPF 30 and took his sweet, agonizing time rubbing it deeply into every inch of her skin. When he got to her neck, he pressed his thumbs in hard around her pressure points. She sagged against him.

“Mmmm that feels good,” she purred.

Sidney resolved to fuck the next available girl they passed. Or unavailable. Whichever.

The beautiful afternoon was drenched in sunshine and beer. Jordan steered them to the middle of the lake, talked TK and his date into two inner tubes tied behind the boat, then did his best to toss them out with some Indy 500 piloting. Max’s date declined, so Sidney drove the boat while Max and Jordan rode behind. When their turn came up, Ginger and Kris climbed in, held hands and spun around the lake like a slingshot.

When they were battered and exhausted from sports, Jordan guided the boat into a small inlet. Kris jumped overboard, while Ginger stood on the rail, bent to a 90 degree angle with her ass high in the air and executed a perfect dive.

“Is she always like that?” Sidney asked.

“Twenty years,” Jordan nodded then launched himself in the water like a cannonball.

Ginger swam toward Kris. It was just shallow enough that he could stand with his neck out of the water. She looped her arms around his neck and held on, drifting next to him. Everyone swam – some headed for the little beach 30 yards away, some circled the boat. It was the most alone they were going to get and Kris couldn’t wait another second.

He pulled Ginger’s body in front of his, hooking an arm under her legs like he was carrying her. Without so much as a look in her eyes, he caught his finger in the fabric of her swimsuit bottom, pulled it aside and stroked her pussy.

Her eyes went wide and darted around. Everyone was doing their own thing and no one was nearby. She gave him a devil-may-care smile and contracted her walls to urge him inside.

Pushing a single finger all the way into Ginger made Kris dizzy. A second finger threatened to drown him without a drop of water. She moved against his hand, experimenting with the weightlessness of her body in the lake. He pressed his thumb to her clit and felt her body tighten. He removed it and her muscles gave out. So he did it again. And again.

Ginger twisted her hips against his fingers, her mind picturing his thick, perfect penis as it teased her into a puddle of desire. Rotating his hand, Kris took turns pressing forward and backward inside her, judging by her reactions what she wanted him to do.

She pulled herself close to his ear. “You make me so wet. I am desperate to fuck you.”

But Kris had other plans. “Later sweet, I promise,” and he continued to rev her engine, imagining the way she would touch herself if she were thinking of him. The warm water of the lake was no match for the heat from her trembling body.

She contracted her pussy around his fingers, trapping them inside of her. Her breath rasped against his face. All the momentum she could earn from rocking went into fucking his hand as hard as she could. He coaxed her out until she was a heartbeat away from orgasm. Then he turned his face to hers and kissed her.

She nearly bucked out of his arms as she came. Her moan filled his mouth, but he blocked the sound from escaping. Instead he milked her sweet, hot core for every drop of pleasure it could spill onto his fingers. She writhed against his chest, holding onto his neck like she was sinking. Only when she finally slowed, then stopped, did Kris break his mouth away from hers. She looked dazed.

“You have the sweetest pussy. I cannot wait to taste you tonight.”

A giggle rose from her chest. “If you don’t get that cock out right now I might be dead by tonight.”

Kris looked around. Either no one was paying attention to them or everyone was doing a good job of hiding it. TK and his girl were laying on the beach. Sidney and Jordan were smacking a volleyball around on the far side of the inlet. Max was no where to be seen – probably shagging his girl up a tree.

“Allow me,” Ginger said, opening the Velcro at his waist. She stuffed her hand down his pants to find his dick as hard as steel. She cooed appreciatively.

“See what you do to me?” he whispered.

“Wait till you see what I can do to you,” she replied, wrapping both hands around his shaft and giving him a long, hard squeeze.

There was so much tension already in Kris’ erection that he nearly blacked out. She loosened the fingers at the base, then just above, and beyond that, rolling her double-handed squeeze all the way up his cock like a stadium crowd doing the wave. Before she eased off the head, her fingers at the bottom were already starting again. Three times she pulled him out, the she wrapped him in a single fist and began to jerk him off. She stroked up, palmed his head as she twisted over and pushed down the other side. The combination of push, pull and twist made his vision blur. When her open hand pressed over the ridge behind his head, he gasped.

The warm water made it easy to imagine he was inside her. She increased the pace of her hand as he rocked. Both of his arms were around her, holding her in place just to one side so she could work his dick with a full range of motion.

She changed her tune. Unwrapping her hand, she placed her thumb along the top of his shaft and her first two fingers underneath. Then she stroked hard along the ridge on the underside of his penis. The main blood vessel there swelled as she jacked him off under the surface of the lake.

Ginger’s own body wailed in frustration that only her hand was getting to enjoy Kris’ arousal. Later, she told herself. Later I will make it up to myself.  Kris’s embrace grew tighter as his dick became completely rigid in her hand. His breathing had slowed to erratic. She timed her strokes evenly and pressed her face to his cheek.

“Kris, show me what you’re going to do to me later.”

Like a reflex, he moved even faster, fucking her hand as hard as he could. She pressed a kiss to his lips. Seconds later, his fingers dug into her as his body redlined and he creamed in her hand. She felt it erupt, hot and thick, over three pumps into her palm. After the last, she lightly squeezed the last drop of cum from his throbbing cock. His shoulders sagged against her and he closed his eyes.

“Let’s go home right now,” he panted.

“It’s only like 10 miles, we can swim it,” she replied.

Instead they swam for the beach and sunned themselves until Jordan announced time for lunch. Ginger was the last time to climb aboard the boat. Kris watched openly as she topped the stairs and stepped over the rail. It was like the vision he’d had after they first met – her wet hair clung to her skin as water ran down the curves of her body. He caught Sidney and Max watching too, and Max gave him a covert thumbs-up.

After lunch, Jordan toured them around the lakefront. They played cards and worked on their tans. It was mid-afternoon before anyone even thought of heading in. Kris, Sidney, TK and his date piled into Ginger’s car for the ride back to Jordan’s house.

“Let’s go out to eat,” Max suggested, pulling takeout menus from a drawer in the kitchen. He held up a pizza flyer. Sidney groaned but did not protest.

Ginger collected her things and pointed at Kris and Sidney. “You two are with me.”

They pulled into the pizza place and down around the side until they were behind the building.

“Be right back,” she hurried up toward the road. A minute later, Ginger popper head out of the back door and they followed her in through the kitchen. At the large booth farthest from the door, she held out her arm directing Sidney into the booth. He sat closest to the wall, with Ginger and Kris next to him.

“Jordan loves to make a scene. Thought you might frown on that,” she said to Sidney.

He smiled, shaking his head. “You are good.”

Jordan bowled in a moment later, turning every head in the place. Sidney sank into the corner. Eight people normally fit in the booth, but with five professional athletes it was a very friendly squeeze. Pizzas arrived with more pitchers of beer, and someone fed the jukebox.

Ginger was pressed against Kris. To give everyone room to eat, she put her arm over his shoulder. She had that glowing, sated feeling that you get from an entire day spent soaking up the sun. Snuggled in next to Kris, she was just about drunk on a single beer and the warmth that surrounded her. Kris smiled at her whenever their eyes met, and she felt her heart melt a little each time.

Kris put his hand on her thigh. Being here, laughing with friends in a public place, it made Kris think of what it would be like to have Ginger as his girlfriend. To see her, touch her, hang out with her and his friends all the time. What it would be like to have her in his life.

On the way out through the kitchen, Kris took Ginger’s hand. She wrapped her fingers between his and held.

Everyone was feeling the same bleary outdoors-all-day daze. Jordan suggested a movie. It was as much effort as they were willing to make. His large living room was perfect, with two couches, an armchair and a big, dish-shaped papasan chair. It had actually been Ginger’s chair in high school – have favorite possession for years. When she moved out, Jordan had rescued it from her parents’ yard sale.

“That’s Ginger’s,” Jordan said, pointing to the chair. Kris kicked off his shoes and sat down. The chair was borderline ugly, but the moment he settled back he understood. It was incredibly comfortable. As she walked in behind them, Ginger was nearly ready to order the trespassing body from her seat. When she realized it was Kris, she smiled and climbed in next to him. The chair was big enough for the both to sit comfortably. Kris reclined and rested his feet on the table. Ginger sat on her hip, bending her knees and leaning her legs onto Kris’ thigh. His arms were bent behind his neck, and she rested her had the inside of his bicep. Kris closed his eyes as she settled in, adding this to the list of things he’d like to do with her on a regular basis.

As the movie played, Kris’ mind wandered. I wonder if I could tell her that I like this. Or is she just in this for the sex? I don’t want to make a big deal if she’s planning to never see me again. He certainly didn’t want to risk losing out on the next few days. But he couldn’t help that he was falling for her, just a little.

Ginger’s brain had a hard time concentrating on the film. Being so close to Kris made coherent thinking nearly impossible. I wonder if he has a girlfriend. She knew if he did, the guys would never say anything. Well, maybe Jordan. But mostly they weren’t going to stand in the way of a fling. Ginger hoped Kris was single. She didn’t want to think he was the kind of guy who left a loving girl at home while he had a week away like the one they were currently sharing. Also, if she was honest, Ginger maybe wanted him for herself.

“This is nice,” she whispered into his ear, testing him.

He smiled and moved his arm down, reaching around her back and pulling her in closer.

Sidney watched them snuggling and bit back a snarky internal comment. When did I become so jealous? He’d known Ginger for an hour longer than Kris, so it wasn’t that he was in love with her. It just hurt a little when he saw a teammate land a really great girl. Of the hundreds or thousands of all the eligible girls out there, most of whom would throw themselves at him because he was Sidney-fucking-Crosby, there were very few who could matter. Ginger had possibly been one. It was like watching your friend win the lottery – he was happy for Kris, but envious and a little frustrated too.

Ginger dozed off during the movie, waking only when Kris moved his arm in his sleep. A strand of his hair slipped across his face, which was tipped in her direction. It was as if he’d been watching her sleep when he drifted off himself. As the movie ended, she unfolded herself from his side. He woke and stretched like a cat. Then, taking her hand, he unabashedly let her upstairs to their room.

Ginger slipped out of her clothes and into the bed then held up the blanket for Kris to climb in. He crawled right into her arms. They lay there, holding each other for a long moment.

“Tired?” she asked.

He smiled in the dark. “Not that tired.”