Monday, August 23, 2010

Chapter 4 - Don’t Know You

Soundtrack: I know I don't know you, but I want you bad. - Maroon 5

Ginger looked around the yard and declared it was clean enough for now. Kris cleared the last of the kitchen mess. Everything was different inside, under artificial light. Things seemed more real. Bright sunshine and being outside were treats, surprises. They made everything better. As Ginger came inside, Kris smiled. She looked just as good indoors – radiant, happy, sexy. She came right up to him, stopping mere inches from his body. In the bright, empty room, she stretched up a little and kissed him firmly on the lips. Then she left. Kris hit the light as he followed her out.

Upstairs, Ginger went right into the bathroom. She couldn’t face the prospect of tonight without brushing her teeth. Kris switched places with her – he brushed while she went into the bedroom. His stuff was everywhere. She ran her hands over a hoodie, an extra pair of jeans. On top of his laptop case was a novel in French. Sandals were tucked under the desk and hers went next to them. She stayed like that, in her dress, just as she’d been earlier.

Kris shut the door behind himself. He looked at her, standing between him and the bed. It was different than before. They weren’t attacking each other, overcome by the mad rush of lust. A level of comfort had been achieved, their intentions were clear. Nothing ahead of them but the entire night.

Ginger moved close to Kris, put an arm over his shoulder and pulled off his backwards hat. Long, unruly dark hair fell into his face. As her hand snaked through it, Kris closed his eyes in pleasure. His hand reached for her hip and pulled her body against his. The kiss was slow and deliberate, full of promise and temptation. He touched his tongue to hers and she moaned softly, just about melting into his arms. Holding her felt incredible.

Kris drew his hand from her neck, over her collarbone and across her shoulder, taking the strap of her dress with him. His lips followed his fingers. She tossed her head back, hair cascading away from him, and allowed his face to graze her neck. He repeated the same movement on the other side, till both of her straps were free. His fingers moved down over her hips and wrapped themselves evenly in the fabric of her dress. He pulled slowly, revealing her body inch by inch as the material fell away. She hooked it on her toe and flung it free. Kris felt a twitch beneath his zipper.

Her flesh was bare before him and he took this time to smooth his hands over her beautiful body. The curve of her ass, the flare of her hip, the line that defined her abs. Her full chest rose and fell as she breathed. Reaching around her, he unclasped her bra and turned his attention to her breasts. Her pink nipples were hard and he lost a bit of his cool. Leaning down, he gently flicked his tongue over one and then the other. They were taut beneath his mouth. Her body was reaching out to be with him and it sent an ache of pleasure spearing to his crotch. Her fingers twirled in his hair, drawing his mouth into her breast. He licked along the curve of her cleavage before taking as much of her in his mouth as he could. She sighed quietly.

It was the most exquisite slowness Ginger had ever felt. He was barely to third base and she was thrumming with desire. It’s different when you know, she thought. It’s different now because I know what he can do to me.

Ginger stood him up and felt her way over his broad chest. She tugged the hem of his t-shirt and he lifted his arms. She stretched up, pressing her breasts to him as she cleared the shirt over. He caught her hands in the air, held them together with one of his and gently, slowly pulled the back of his fingers down the inside of her arm, across her underarm, over her breast and down to her waist.

Shirtless, Kris was nothing less than a miracle. The span of his shoulders made Ginger dizzy with longing. She traced a finger over the tattoo covering his bicep, under the ridge of his defined pectoral muscle and up the valley over his heart.

Kris pulled her into those bare arms and kissed her hard. The languid exploration was wearing off and the heat was rising. She felt him stiffening against her leg. She’d been wet all day and knew he’d find her no different now. She moved her thigh between his, enjoying the feeling of his growing erection and the effect his rock hard leg muscle was having on her crotch.

He swiped a hand down her back onto her ass and pulled her in as tightly as he could. The curve of her body fit against every part of his. Her hips moved themselves into his lap, straining for pleasure.

“Kris,” she whispered. “I want you.”

He guided her body backward to the bed. Fingers curled into the waistband of her panties and he drew them down her body. On the way back up, he pressed a kiss to the soft inside of her thigh. Then he wrapped her up, laid her back on the blanket and looked at her. A faint tan line across her stomach made him ache to see how small her swimsuit was. She had a sideways half moon-shaped scar high on her right thigh. A few freckles dotted her otherwise flawless skin. She pushed herself up onto her hands and reached for him.

“I said I would do the work this time.” She looked up at him as she slid off the bed onto her knees. His shorts were off in a second and she was stroking his cock into full arousal. The first touch of her tongue – a long, slow draw up the underside – nearly made his scream. She lazily laced her tongue over the right, then the left, torturing him until he thought he would jam it down her throat.

She licked her lips and slid them over the head, then down the shaft to where her fingers formed a tight ring at the base. It took a few strokes before he felt himself go all the way in. On the next stroke his tip touched the back of her throat. She flinched a little, but then did it again. Kris dragged his fingers through her hair and set her a rhythm. His hips rocked as his hands worked and he fucked her mouth within an inch of orgasm. Her free hand cupped his balls, gently tugging them downward and grazing the sensitive skin where his sac met his body.

She was breathing deeply and moving on her own, so Kris did not hesitate to give her mouth the same treatment he planned to give her body. She swirled her tongue over his head, licking him like an ice cream cone. Along his shaft she drew his penis to full length by sucking hard. Then she hummed what he could have sworn was ‘O Canada!’ while he pushed his cock into her mouth up to the hilt.

He pulled her hair lightly, urging her to keep humming and deep throating him. He was very close to coming and ending the best blow job he’d ever gotten. It was making him lightheaded and crazy. He fought the rising tension in his dick, but every time she got him into her throat his body ratcheted up another notch. He was seconds away.

Her hand moved from his balls backward. She pressed the pad of her finger to his taint and was rewarded with a shudder from his entire body. But she didn’t stop there. Moving farther back, she lightly traced a single finger across the smooth skin of his backdoor. He thrashed against her. She did it one more time, feeling around the circle of the opening when Kris’ world went white. A thousand muscles contracted all at once, throwing a wave forward through his hips and out the throbbing, dripping end of his cock nestled into the back of the throat of the most amazing woman he had ever met. He detonated like a chain reaction, load after load pumping from his body into her mouth. She moved her lips firmly, wringing him dry.

She looked up at him, smiled and licked the corner of her lip.

Kris collapsed onto the bed behind her. He could see only blackness, feel only the faint vibration of his dick still pulsing a signal of satisfaction to his brain. She climbed up next to him and kissed his cheek. Pulverized, liquefied and unable to move, Kris just smiled at her.

“Told you it was my turn,” she said. They drifted off into a light sleep.

About an hour later, Kris woke up disoriented. His body was ringing the morning bell, and so was his erection. It even felt a little sore, like a muscle overused. He didn’t mind. Then he opened his eyes and saw that it was dark. And she was next to him.

Ginger was curled on her side toward him. Her hair fanned across the blanket and one knee was bent, turning her body inward. Her top arm lay across her breasts, pressing them together in a fantastic display of cleavage. She was completely naked. By the time Kris’ eyes reached the end of her body, he was rock hard again. He leaned over the side of the bed and grabbed a condom from the box he’d bought.

“Ginger,” he whispered. She stirred as he rolled her shoulder back. “Ginger.”

Please don’t let this be over. Please let me get to do this again, he pleaded.


“I’d really like you inside me now,” she said without opening her eyes. “I have been dreaming about it since you fell asleep.”

He stifled a laugh then touched a finger to the swell of her breast. He was going to do that and more.

Kris moved his body on top, one knee between hers. His hands pressed her legs apart so both of his knees could fit. As he loomed over her, she opened her eyes and smiled. Her hand wrapped around his smooth shaft and the edges of his world started to fade away. She stroked him firmly, pulling as hard as she pushed to give him pleasure in both directions. Heat was radiating from him into her hand. Kris’s finger prodded her soaking wet pussy. With one hand, she guided him to her entrance. He met her eyes in the low light as he stroked into her body.

She moaned with pleasure when he entered her. Fuck, that is the best feeling in the world, she thought. It was like he was squeezing into a wetsuit. A very wet suit. She lifted her hips clear off the mattress to get him deeper. Ginger’s hands went over Kris’ shoulders, down his bare back and cupped the smooth skin of his ass. Using him for leverage, she adjusted herself beneath his weight. With a pull she moved him all the way inside her.

There it is. That is the sweet spot, they both thought at the same time.

“You are so tight,” Kris breathed in admiration. “I have never felt anything like being inside you.”

She just smiled and drew him in harder. Her legs lifted and ankles hooked together behind his back as she gave him the deepest possible angle into her core. He mumbled a thank you in French as increased his pace.

As Kris moved over her, his long, soft hair brushed her face. She hooked it aside and brought his lips crashing down onto hers. With the taste of him still in her mouth, she lashed her tongue against his and the intensity of their sex inched up the ladder. Kris was now moving quickly, driving his full length into her every time. The bed was rocking as he swung his weight upwards like the prize fighter. Ginger dug her nails into his shoulders and hung on for dear life.

He could feel her body responding to his persistence. She was getting wetter, her thighs where slippery as he pounded into her pussy. She forced her hips downward, using the blanket for leverage, trying to get closer to his body. Her hips twisted to meet him, the extra friction almost unbearable. She started to breathe unevenly, clenching rhythmically and he knew it was out of her control.

“Come for me, Ginger.”

She grunted a response and swiveled her hips harder into his lap. He doubled his efforts and pistoned into her body at a breakneck pace. Ginger thought she was being sawed in half with a beam of light. Nothing had ever felt so good. She gasped, the edge suddenly rushing up. As quickly as it arrived, it fell away beneath her. Ginger dropped like a rock as her body spasmed against Kris’ pillar and she came harder than she ever had in her life. Her head tossed back and with the last gasping wave of ecstasy, she shouted Kris’ name.

Kris nearly collapsed, but instead reduced his strokes to light, gentle motions barely halfway into her canal. She lay motionless on the bed, eyes closed with a smile on her face, but Kris could tell there was something yet left in her perfect body. So he didn’t stop moving, didn’t reach for his own climax. He smiled, knowing that the entire house had heard his name from her lips.

She slowly came around, cracking an eyelid at him. As the feeling returned to her body, she also noticed that he was still hard, still inside her. She arched an eyebrow at him.

“Are you trying to kill me?”

“There are some people across the street who didn’t hear you scream.”

She pulled him down and kissed him deeply. With a leg over his hip, she rolled over until she was on top of him. He was still burrowed inside her tightly.

“Let’s see if we can wake up Toronto from here.”

She moved slowly, taking her time to feel him out. Kris fit inside her in an amazing way, like a key made for only a single lock. Testing out the angles and motions, Ginger quickly learned where she would get the most from his cock before she surely passed out for good. Kris just smiled at her from the blanket, his hair tossed around him.

Ginger put her hands to the wall above Kris’s head and leaned over, rubbing her nipple across his lips. He caught it and held, smothering her with his mouth. She moaned at the pleasurable pain. Kris gripped her hips and began moving. She arched her back, rolling her body down onto his. He sucked harder in encouragement. His fingers made white indentations in her cheeks as he manhandled her ass. Her pussy was like a vice from this angle, giving him the highest possible pleasure from the slightest movement. She rocked against him, brushing her breasts to his chest and working herself up. Kris fought to stay calm. He’d been hard for a very long time and his muscles were starting to fail.

Ginger sat up and placed her hand behind herself on each of Kris’ thighs. The change in angle changed his world. As she writhed on top of him, he pressed one thumb to her exposed clit. She cursed when he did it.

“Fuck that feels amazing,’ she panted.

He rubbed back and forth across her little nub, every third or fourth stroke barely making contact. She arched her back more, driving her clit onto his finger. Her lower body moved against his hand, forgetting his pleasure as it sought its own. The change in intention opened a whole new world to his dick inside her.

She was digging her nails into his thigh. As Kris caught her clit between two fingers and gently pulled, he felt her go completely tense inside. She rocked upright and started bouncing up and down at blinding speed.

“Kris, I’m going to come. Get on top, I want you on top of me.”

He pulled her in tight and rolled. In the blink of an eye, he was over her body and pile driving it into the mattress. Now angled downward, all his blood surged to his penis. Ginger was taut as a bowstring. Kris nipped her nipple and she squeaked. Her hands were desperate at his hips, his ass, wanting even more.

Kris kissed her mouth as she came, but it wasn’t enough to stop the scream. Her voice sobbed out of her as a wave of cum broke over his cock. Her hands flew to his back, lifting her from the mattress as he kept thrusting, forcing her orgasm to snap back like a rubber band, only to be drawn tight again. Four times her entire body clenched and rolled, four times Kris nearly fainted under the strain of keeping his own orgasm in check. On the fifth, when Ginger was barely a rag doll in his arms, Kris released his mind and burst inside her. He slammed into a wall of pleasure, the most intense sensation rocketing through his body like liftoff. Two full-body waves sent every nerve in his body flying into space. This time, he called her name.

He lay there, stunned and spent, his penis still locked in her body’s tight embrace. Ginger came down from her high and giggled softly. Her body vibrated under his.

“Those people in Toronto heard you shout.”

Kris fell asleep with a smile on his face.

And woke up the same way.


  1. I'm curious to see what happens next with these two. They have such a strong connection that I can't imagine them being able to walk away from each other.

    Can't wait to see what happens next!!! :)

  2. All I'm saying is wow....that one actually made me blush. Beautifully written