Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chapter 2 - And She Said

Soundtrack:   (And she said) take me now. - Justin Timberlake

As the sun set, Jordan and Sidney piled wood into the fire pit. Every male in the place came to help light it, except Kris. He stayed in his chair next to Ginger.

“Why are all boys pyromaniacs?” she asked, opening a box of graham crackers. She broke one and ate half before handing the other piece to Kris. They had matching deck chairs pulled up alongside the lighted pool.

“Same reason they like to grill. It’s very heroic.”

She laughed. “It would be truly heroic if one of them made me a s’more.”

Kris went. The combined masculinity of the party had the fire going pretty high already. Jordan passed out long skewers. Kris took two and speared marshmallows. He carefully drove the points through two squares of chocolate and heated the whole thing till it was in danger of melting. Ginger had graham crackers ready. She sandwiched one set and pulled it off the stick, then did the other. Marshmallow and chocolate stuck to the wood, so she used her fingers to free it.

She sat there holding a s’more in each hand, with marshmallow and chocolate smeared on her other fingers. She popped the left s’more in her mouth, making sure lick her fingertips clean as she drew them out. When her finger brushed her lips, Kris felt a stirring beneath his shorts. She’d been looking at him as her lips formed a small, tight ‘o’ and she drew her fingers through as if they were the luckiest appendages in the world.

Kris’ body was humming with tension. Using the other s’more, still chewing, she motioned him to lean toward her.

He took the s’more in his mouth and intentionally got her fingers as well. She was looking right at him, almost daring him to do something more than just eat the dessert. He slowly pulled his mouth across her fingertips, imagining he could feel the ridges of her prints tracing across his lips.

Ginger put the same hand to her own lips and tasted Kris on her fingertip. “You missed a spot.”

Fuck. Kris stood up and quickly excused himself. He nearly ran into the house. Throwing open the first three doors he could find, he gave up and went upstairs. The lock on the bathroom door slid shut as he was opening the zipper on his pants.

That was close, Kris knew. He braced a hand against the counter to hold his weight, took his dick in his hand and began to stroke himself. He didn’t need to try to think of her. There was nothing else in his mind. Her hair lifting off her neck. One sandal sliding against her other leg. A single fingertip tugging at the plump center of her ripe lips.

His eyes rolled back as he pulled harder. Those lips… he could almost feel them on his throbbing cock. See his hands in her rich hair, hear her voice as she urged him on. He took her encouragement, sliding his fist quickly along the length of his shaft. Kris held his breath slightly to increase the sensation of every blood vessel in his body straining to meet the idea of her.


Kris almost pulled his dick off his body. He wrenched upright, panicking that he’d forgotten to lock the door or that he’d been moaning out loud.


“Uhh, just a minute,” he stammered.

“You’d better last more than a minute,” she said. “And don’t finish without me.”

WHAT? She knew exactly who it was and what he was doing. But had she really just said she wanted to join in?

“Are you coming?” she asked. Kris heard the door across the hall open, then close.

This is not real, this is not happening. You passed out when you came and you hit your head. Really you’re lying on the bathroom floor with your pants around your ankles and your dick in your hand. She’ll probably find you like this and call the cops.

Kris painfully stuffed his rock hard penis back into his shorts. He ran his hands under the sink then drew a palmful of water across his face. This is not really happening. The door opposite was closed – it could have been a closet. Kris reached for the knob, then stopped. Instead he knocked softly.

Ginger opened the door a sliver, not enough for him to see her, and left it. She moved to the middle of the room. Still in her dress, she’d dropped her sandals downstairs before checking the house for Kris. In the second floor hallway, she had heard him: a soft, throaty moan from behind a closed door.

For a moment she was embarrassed. A second later she was wet. Then she was knocking on the door.

What the fuck am I doing? Oh hell, who cares?! She evicted any thoughts of Jordan, his house, his brothers or his hometown from her mind.

Kris slowly poked his face around the side of the door. Twilight was pouring in the uncovered windows, giving the room a starlit feel. It was more than bright enough to see another person. And she was there – one arm across her middle, holding the other elbow. He stepped inside.

They were on each other in a second. The door closed itself. Ginger threw her arms around his neck and pulled him close. Not close enough, Kris thought before they could even kiss. He slid a hand down her side, over her ass and lifted her leg, hitching it over his hip. His already obvious erection swelled and Ginger gasped as it pressed right into her sweet spot. She moved her hips, guiding the few wisps of material that covered her over the length of Kris’ cock.

That was all he could take. He backed her to the wall and lifted her other leg around his waist. He was holding her in the air, pressed between the wall and his lap, as he ground his hips into her. He could feel every fold of her body through her clothes. The underside of his cock fit snugly into her slit. He could have fucked her like this, without really fucking her at all. Two, maybe three solid thrusts and he’d have come in his shorts.

Ginger had never felt someone so hard outside of actual sex. She moved as best she could to position his hard-on so the head was at her clit. Just the pressure of their bodies together with this giant rod between as almost enough to get her off.

Then, for the first time, they kissed. Kris moved his mouth over hers, tugging her juicy bottom lip between his teeth. She opened her mouth, running a hand into his hair and drawing him into it. Kris’ tongue moved in her mouth the way he wanted to move inside her body. She tasted like watermelon and lip gloss, like hot summer nights and a sky full of stars.

Ginger pulled her hands across Kris’ shoulder blades. Her entire body was screaming to be taken. She wanted him inside her, knowing that might not be enough. She wanted to disappear inside him, to be absorbed completely. Her breathing grew choppy at the thought of him forcing her over the edge.

“Kris,” she whispered. “Fuck me.”

He peeled her legs from around his middle and let her feet drop to the floor. She tugged his shirt up, running a hand over his bare chest. He slid the straps from her shoulders and pulled her dress to the floor. She wore a dark green strapless bra and matching bikini underwear. Red and green, like the best fucking Christmas present ever, he thought.

Ginger could not have stopped herself if she wanted to. She tore open his belt and zipper like a doctor rushing into emergency surgery. Her hand went involuntarily to the front of his boxer briefs. He really is that big, she thought greedily. Fucking hurry up! She pulled the waistband out and over, revealing the source of all their problems and pleasure so far. His thick, throbbing cock was already moist at the tip. Her entire being screamed to drop to her knees and take it in her mouth.

Before she could move, Kris spun her shoulders around and pressed her to the wall. He ran a hand down her back, slowly over her ass and the slid his fingers into the soaking wet ache between her legs. She gasped and swiveled down onto his hand. He explored the lips of her pussy then stroked two fingers all the way into her. Slowly he moved them in and out, wetness coating him. She whimpered, begging him to go harder, faster, slower, deeper all at the same time. A soft pop announced when he’d finished with her from the back.

Ginger felt his erection pushing into the soft flesh of her ass cheek at the same time Kris was running his hand over the flat of her stomach and reaching for her clit. He rolled it between his slick fingers and she moaned slightly. His penis was beating against her like a drum, begging him to give it to her good. Ginger agreed.

“Oh God,” she panted. “Fucking fuck me right fucking now.”

“You want it?” he whispered. He was buying himself time, trying to force his mind to cooperate so he wouldn’t come before even getting all the way inside her.

She rolled her head back onto his shoulder. “I’ve wanted you since the minute you walked in the door.”

So much for that helping me calm down, he thought.

Kris pulled his hand from her clit and swiped a palmful of her juice over his knob. Lifting slightly with his hands, he spread her ass cheeks and placed his head to the fold in her body. She sobbed out a breath. He pressed into her, felt her hot, slick walls closing in around him. She was tight, so deliciously tight. He had to push hard over his entire length to squeeze himself inside her, desperately fighting the urge to blow his load before he lost his mind.

“Mon dieu,” he said. “You feel even better than you taste.”

Ginger thought she might black out. She’d been worried that she was so wet she might not feel a thing. Totally wrong. Kris’ dick filled all her space and then some. She willed her body to make room, to give her as much of this amazing torture as there was to be had.

When he finally felt her pressed to the base of his shaft, he began to move. Slowly at first – she was tighter than he’d ever had, tighter than he’d ever even held himself. He stroked upward into her pussy, pressing her into the wall with the weight of his body. His hands took her hips as he felt his way around inside her.

Ginger matched his movements, rocking her ass slowly from front to back, pulling away as he did and pushing in at the same time too. As her body accommodated him, she felt the pleasure of his pressure all the way up into her stomach. His penis throbbed inside her, her body throbbed outside. She felt that when those two rhythms matched it would be the end of the world as she knew it.

Her body was now taking Kris’s cock in fully, more easily with still the exquisite fullness. He varied his thrusts – short, long, hard, slow. It was intensely pleasurable, and she knew he was fighting off his orgasm. Hers was coming, and coming fast. She was shaking and her knees felt weak. She knew she wouldn’t be able to support her own weight when she came and prayed he’d be fucking her so hard that she’d just melt into the wall.

A low, solid hum was building in her lower body. From the lips of her pussy where she felt Kris’ balls high and tight as he drove into her, into the valley of her hips and up to the pit of her stomach. The pitch increased, and with it the trembling sensation of packed snow just before it releases an avalanche. She angled her ass back, offering Kris a different stroke. When he took it, his penis brushed her g-spot. On the backswing, the ridge of his head caught the sweetness and she bucked against him. He didn’t need to be asked.

When her body rocked back hard, Kris knew he’d found the spot. Thank God, I’m about to lose it, he thought. But he wanted to go out with a bang. He moved his right hand back over her mound and pressed his fingers to her clit. She bucked again. He matched the timing inside and outside of her body, alternating so her hot spots were never left unattended. Her breathing became ragged and she rutted into him.

Her walls started to strain against his girth. She was clamping down, trying to suck every sensation from the pleasure he was pounding into her body. Her fingers were white where they pressed against the wall. Kris continued to hammer into her, the perfect round rise of her ass meeting his lap every time.

She moaned, low and long, knowing her body could not last much longer. It was too intense –how sexy he was, how badly she wanted him, how insane that was doing this, here, with someone she didn’t know. Breath was hitching in her throat and her vision starting to blur.

“Kris,” she whimpered.

He’s saved the best for last. Kris moved his hand across her lower stomach, just above the little patch of dark red hair, right where he knew her g-spot was on the inside of her body. On his next thrust, Kris pressed his palm against her stomach, bringing her closer and forcing the full brunt of his stroke right into her magic button.

Ginger screamed. The sound tore right out of her throat like an animal. An earthquake ripped through her body, a tsunami crashed over her head, the lights went out in her brain. Holding on as tight as he could, Kris worked his hips to give her every last ounce of stimulation. Her orgasm hit Kris like he’d licked a light socket and there were tears in his eyes as he fought for the control to empty her out before filling her up. He continued to milk her body for every drop of luscious, delirious ecstasy.

Kris’ own bombshell had been building since the bathroom. Ginger’s body finally gave out and went slack in his arms. The pressure inside her eased just slightly and Kris felt all the energy in his body rush to his penis. Any new space was filled instantly and Kris strangled a cry as he exploded inside of her. He ceased to exist for a moment as his cock released all the tension of every muscle in his entire body. Moving inside her, giving himself a little rub, he drained his climax into her tender pussy. When he came to his senses, they were both completely destroyed.

Ginger was still pressed to the wall, her head to the side, panting. Kris pressed a kiss to the side of her neck. Supporting her with a hand to the back, he pulled out of her. Their bodies were soaked. Kris traced a finger through the wetness on the inside of her thigh and she trembled. He pulled her from the wall and sat them both down on the floor, then pulled her back into his arms as he lay down. She rolled into him, arm across his chest and leg over his thigh.

“I want to do that again,” she whispered. “We have to go back downstairs or they’ll come looking for us. But later, tonight. Will you let me take care of you?”

“In case you missed it, I almost blacked out I just came so hard for you,” Kris laughed.

“But you did all the work,” she smiled. “Next time it’s my turn.”

I cannot believe this happened. And is still happening. Not only had she really followed him up here and completely fucked him senseless, she was asking to do it again. Asking! As if she had to ask if she could please, pretty please, make me see the face of God while being balls deep in the hottest girl in Canada. Asking.

She reached down and placed her hand flat over his exhausted penis, in case he needed convincing. Instead he rolled her onto his chest and kissed her, slowly and deeply, promising that he would not let her be the only one working hard tonight.

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  1. You are evil and must keep writing!!! Ok so I did make it to my meeting...don't think I heard anything they said (probably costing my company thousands of dollars)...came back to my office, shut the door and read this Damn chapter again!!! lol I think you should only be allowed to post at night, atleast then I can jump my hubby, fall asleep with a smile on my face and start the day fresh..instead of like now, on edge, thinking about cancelling all my afternoon meetings, and hoping no one asks me anything about work. Geez you are killing me and I think I like it! HAHA!!!