Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chapter 7 - Get Gotten

Soundtrack: I want to get you, so get gotten. I won’t stop till I get to the bottom. – Ben Lee

Ginger put her swimsuit on under a dress. Jordan, TK and Max were already in the pool. She looked in the kitchen and garage, but didn’t see Kris. She wanted to kiss him. He must know that Jordan would tell her, as she knew Jordan would tell him what she’d said. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…

“Go for a walk?” he said, coming up behind her. He held his hand out.

She took them in the opposite direction of her parents’ house, toward the park a few blocks away. They walked hand-in-hand, not really speaking. When they reached the big lawn, Ginger led him under a big leafy tree and sat down in the shade against the trunk. Kris sat next to her. They still held hands.

Awkward, she smiled. I like you, you like me, let’s like each other and then what?

Kris looked at their fingers laced together. What the hell am I supposed to say? I have known you for two days, can I move in with you?

Ginger broke the dramatic silence. “I hear the mayor gave you the key to the city.”

“Would you like for me to stay?” he asked quietly. Jordan was sure of the answer, but Kris still felt nervous.

“I would. I like you, Kris. I’d like it if you stayed,” she squeezed his hand. “I could come to Montreal, too, if you want. I have my apartment there, I could just go back to school early.”

Kris looked at her. He hadn’t even considered that. He hadn’t imagined she would want to give something up to be near him. He was so busy liking her and worrying if she liked him. It was a wonderful feeling, knowing she had been thinking about ways to be together too.

He leaned in and kissed her. “I like you too, Sam. Not just the sex. But the sex….”

“Like WOAH,” she agreed.

Back at the house, everyone was in the pool. Max didn’t look too sad without his date, but TK was pouting a little. It was a beautifully sunny day, perfect for the pool. Upstairs, Ginger waited until Kris was out of his clothes.

She appeared right in front of him, stripped. Taking the swim shorts from his hand, she threw them away and pressed her naked body to his. She reached an arm around, spun the office chair at the desk and used her chest to push Kris into it. The she straddled him and sat in his lap.

“Always wanted to do this,” she said.

Ginger wrapped her legs around Kris and the back of the chair. He lifted her ass clean off his lap, adjusted his hips and laid her weight back down. His cock was angled up, the underside pressing against her pussy, just as it had the first time they’d been in this room together. Except this time, no clothes separated them.

Balancing on the balls of her feet, Ginger rose up and down. The leverage from this position was incredible – she could completely control her movements. Kris’s hands were under her ass, establishing their rhythm.

She loved being face to face with him. It revealed so much. His pupils dilated as his dark eyes swam with lust. That silky hair between their skin. Her lips found his hungrily while still her hips moved. Feeling him grow to fully hard against her body had her fighting to remain conscious. Kris used one hand to position his cock beneath her. One a downward stroke, she made them both gasp by swallowing it wholly into her body. He spread his knees, allowing her ass to drop between his thighs on the down-stroke and get to the very bottom of his case. She titled back slightly, using his biceps to hold herself up.

His gaze traveled the length of her torso. From her sparkling eyes to her freckles she was beautiful. From her soft breasts to her solid abs, she was perfect. Even the pull of her fingers on his arms made him feel wanted. He titled his hips, loving the velvety smooth sheath sliding over his cock. Ginger gripped Kris’ arms harder than she needed. The muscles beneath his skin, beneath his tattoo, were solid in an impossibly svelte way – he was ropy like an animal, with muscles honed from actual use instead of vanity. She admired the slight flex of his abs as he rocked his thick cock into her body. She arched her back slightly to touch her stomach to his as she leaned over and kissed his shoulder.

The curve of her back drew Kris’ hand. He slid fingers along her flesh, all the way over her shoulder and down the front of her body. He tweaked her clit and earned a little moan. It made him smile to know he was learning how she liked to be touched. He planned to learn all her secrets. He took the bouncing breast between his lips and nibbled along the rounded side.

Ginger rewarded him with a harder thrust. She hauled her body up and down his shaft with increasing pressure. Knowing that he liked friction, she began to twist her hips slightly as she fell. It was easy to grip all the way around him – there was no part of her not being loved from the inside. The friction made Kris’ pulse climb a measure. She was moving harder. That made Kris want harder too. With his hands on her hips, he began lifting her slightly and then pulling her in. He slid a little down in the chair and his pelvic bone met her clit on the next stroke. A satisfied whoosh of air was forced from her body.

She kept twisting, rocking hard now, hitting the end of his bone against her hot spot every time. On the third stroke, she stayed down, breaking the pace, and ground her hips forward. Her clit stroked across his ridge, back and forth, and she squeezed hard onto his dick every time a pulse of pleasure traveled up through her core.

Kris gave up on lifting her. He put his hands on her thighs and pushed down, as hard as he could, while he pushed up the same way. She wailed from the back of her throat as he reached her deepest point. Catching her hips, Kris ground his cock into her juicy, dripping pussy.

Suddenly he needed to be on top of her. He needed more force, more urgency, more pressure. He needed to be back there, as far back as there went, and he needed to do it hard. His forearms crossed under her ass and he lifted as he stood. She squealed as he tipped them both onto the bed.  As they hit the mattress, Kris hit the spot again. The head of his penis pressed like a buzzer inside her. It was like being at the back of her throat times a hundred. And it made Kris’ vision blur.

She bent her knees as far as they would go. Kris put his hands on her shins and drove himself inside her. Her head was back, thrashing against the blanket. One of her hand came down her stomach. Kris caught his breath and stared, even as he pounded at her body, as she touched herself, pressing quick and hard across her clit.

Ginger had known that would work. Kris got even harder, feeling fit to burst as he wedged himself through her again and against. She pumped at his dick with the walls of her pussy, pulsing tension through her muscles as if urging him on. He hung his head, grunting with the force of his thrusts, and she ran her fingers through his hair. He raised his face into her palm and kissed it. Then he took her finger into his mouth and sucked, rolling his tongue over her nail at the same pace he was rolling his cock into her body.

Her breath started to catch. He was over her, his chest bare in the sunlight and those shoulders making her dizzy. Her eyes took in the curves and planes of his body as hers began rolling contractions through itself without help.

“Oh God,” she whispered. It was building, seeming to collect behind her eyes and in the pit of her stomach at the same time. Kris was a jackhammer, giving her body not a second to catch it’s breath before he was in her again up to the hilt. She whimpered. Squeezing the breath from her body heightened the sensation.

Kris was desperate to make her come. Any second now, he would explode like the fucking atomic bomb and if she wasn’t done by then she’d be on her own. He wouldn’t even be able to touch her. He silently thanked God and hockey for giving him a career that required endurance and conditioning, because the last few days with Ginger had been testing his limits.

“Fuck,” she muttered, lifting her hips toward him. She purred quietly, then cursed again. “Fucking hell you feel so good. Oh God, Kris…”

Her head twisted to the side and her back arched, ass still lifting into his lap. She gripped the blanket so hard they both heard a tearing sound. Then it was drowned out by her moan. Long, low and very loud, Kris knew everyone in the yard was looking up at their window. She shuddered, whole body writhing on his staff as he hammered home an orgasm that made her swear like a sailor.

She was still twitching when Kris pounded out his last thrust. He heard a sound like the crack of a bat as it sent a baseball out of the park. His head went back as he nailed her hips to the mattress, cock throbbing loads of pure bliss. She moaned as she felt the warmth spread deep inside her. He landed next to her so hard the both bounced. She put a hand to his sweaty face and brushed his hair away. Then she kissed him with her very last ounce of energy and her eyelids drifted closed.

Bang bang bang.

“I know you’re naked so don’t make me come in there. You can’t sleep all day!” Jordan hollered from the hall.

Kris stirred. His body was sore, like he’d taken a big hit to the boards. Then he felt soft skin across his stomach and remembered this was the best game he’d ever played. Ginger was asleep against him, her head on his arm. He rolled up onto his shoulder. Her body glowed in the light of the sun. With the deftest touch, he circled the curve of her breast and the rim of her nipple, then down her side. She was the color of a peach and just as soft. He nuzzled her neck and she came around groggily.

“Stop making me pass out, I’m gonna miss the whole summer,” she pretended to complain.

“Stop making me come so hard, I’m gonna miss next season,” he countered.

“Psshhhttt. You need to train, keep your stamina up.” Her palm was flat against his thigh, forming the outline of his quad muscle. She sighed. “You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

She sounded so sincere that Kris blushed. Sure women had called him hot before. But Ginger’s tone was more respectful, more awed. Like she’s really considered all the options and judged him to be number one.

“Et pour moi tu es la plus belle,” he whispered. She smiled like she understood.

Ginger wanted to stay there all summer. She didn’t want to think or share or even breathe. When he went home, even for a few days, she knew should would go with him. She couldn’t do anything else. He was thinking about it too.

“We are supposed to go back tomorrow. Would you like to come with us? Or I can come right back. Or both,” he smiled. “Don’t think about the money, I will buy the tickets.”

She looked up at him. This was a little sticky. He shut it down.

“If you argue, I will stay here and wear the same four shirts all summer. I don’t care. I can wear Jordan’s.”

Ginger laughed at the thought of Kris in Jordan’s t-shirt, it would hang down to his butt. They were like dresses on her too. With another sigh she curled in as close to him as she could.

“I don’t want to be apart from you,” she said hesitantly. It sounded silly, it had only been a couple of days. “I will come to Montreal if that’s okay.”

Kris kissed her, hard. “Thank God.”

Jordan grilled steaks for dinner. Clearly his Cro-Magnan Man phrase would last all summer. Ginger did baked potatoes inside. When everyone opened theirs, Sidney protested.

“Yours’ is a sweet potato! Not fair!”

“My favorite. Want half?” She cut him a piece and he swapped for his regular potato.

They discussed summer plans. Max had some strengthening to do on his shoulder and Jordan had his foot to work on. Sidney was going back to Nova Scotia to fish and tool around on his jet ski. He invited them all up in a month for a spell at the lake.

“What about you two? Kris, are you moving in?” Jordan asked.

“Ginger’s coming to Montreal with us tomorrow. Then we’ll come back, maybe next week,” Kris answered.

Max gave Kris a slap on the back. Sidney swallowed a scathing remark, reminding himself that he was just sexually frustrated and feeling jealous. It wasn’t fair to hate Kris because he was so goddamned lucky. But the prospect of returning to Cole Harbor like this was too much. That town had been dry of girls before he was the fucking Face of Canada. Now it was a minefield and completely out of the question.

“Ginger,” Sid asked. “Do you perhaps have any friends who might want to come over? Or go out with us? Tonight?”

She laughed. “Sidney Crosby. Are you asking if I can get you laid?”

He laughed at himself. “I am simply saying now that you and Kris are together, what I’m thinking about you is inappropriate. It would be helpful if I could think it about someone else.” Kris held his steak knife out in a mock threat while Ginger rummaged through the bag at her feet.

She paged through her phone and beeped. “Caitlin. Quick question: 1 to 10 on Sidney Crosby.” She listened, looking at Sid. “Short hair.” She listened some more. “Really? I’d go 9 at least. Okay. Thanks.” She disconnected and dialed again.

“Rebecca. Yes or no, Sidney Crosby?” She nodded. “About half… yes. Double yes. Okay. Bye.”

Another call. “Dani, it’s Ginger. Real quick. Sidney Crosby – would you?” She waited. “Better than you think.” Again. “Hahaha, bigger than you think. Okay, hold on a sec.”

Ginger held her phone out to Sidney. The Caller ID showed a girl with short dark hair and a big smile in an enticingly v-neck tank top. Sidney nodded emphatically. “What are you doing tonight? I’m picking you up at 9.” They could hear Dani’s muffled voice on the other end of the phone. “Yes. And shave your legs.”

Ginger put the phone down. “Mission accomplished.”

Jordan beat the end of his fork against the table. “Ginger! Jesus Christ. What about me? Dani is fucking hot!” Sidney looked very excited.

“Jordan, she already knows you. If she wanted you she’d be here now.”

“Does she know I’m home? Did you tell her? UGH. By the way, it took you three tries to get someone for Crosby? Your friends are retarded. Canada should deport them. This,” he slapped Sid on the shoulder, “is the highest honor that Canada can bestow. A piece of Crosby’s legendary ass.”

Ginger stuck her tongue out at him then flipped her phone open again. “Hi Beth, how are you? Good… Listen, I know you leave next week. Want to come out tonight? I’ve got some friends in town. Yes. Yes. Oh boy, you have no idea. Okay. 9:30, meet us at Harrington’s Pub.”

Ginger gave Jordan the phone. He looked at the photo, leaned over and kissed Ginger on the cheek.

“I have to do everything around here!” she said. “Anyone else? Lake House girls coming out tonight or do you need a line change? No wait, don’t answer that. I’m out of friends.”

Ginger pulled up to Dani’s house at 9:02 PM. She turned in the seat. “Crosby, go get her.”

Sid looked deer-in-the-headlights. “What?”

“Well it’s going to be pretty fucking weird if she gets in the backseat next to you and passes out. At least give her the chance to lose consciousness in the comfort of her own home.” Ginger opened her own door. “Fine, come on.”

She rang the bell and the beautiful, dark-haired girl from the photo opened it. She had a messy pixie cut and a nice rack under a blue summer dress. She smiled and Ginger then her eyes fell on Sidney. They went wide, but she recovered nicely.

“Jeez, Ginger. I didn’t think you were serious,” she put a hand to her chest. “I’m Dani.”

Sidney shook her hand and barely remembered his own name. He wondered if it would be socially acceptable to take her upstairs right now. “Sidney, nice to meet you. Ginger didn’t tell me how beautiful you were.”

“No, but Jordan did. His word means more than mine,” Ginger said. “Don’t worry about him, by the way. I called in a date for Jordan. You’re on Crosby duty and no complaining!” She wheeled toward the car.

“I think I can handle that,” Dani said, giving Sid ‘The Look.’

Sid took her hand. “Consider me handled.”

He opened the door and helped her into the car. She leaned over the passenger seat. “You must be Kris. You were right, G. Well done.” Kris laughed as Ginger pulled out of the drive.

They used the front door of the bar. Jordan would likely make a scene but the time for careful was over. Tonight was a last hurrah for a week that had turned into more than expected for almost everyone involved. Half the heads in the place watched them come in, and the other half quickly heard the news. But no one approached. Sidney put a hand to Dani’s back and followed her through the crowd.

“Beth!” Ginger grabbed a girl with curly, dark blonde hair. Almost brown. Beth hugged her then looked around. Her face went from surprised to stunned. She managed to introduce herself to Kris, then Sidney and Dani. She gave Dani a conspiratorial little smile. At that moment Jordan burst through the door like it was the OK Corral with Max, TK and the Lake House contingent hot on his heels.

“Beth, this is Jordan,” Ginger started. Jordan interrupted her by grabbing Beth, dipping her almost to the floor and kissing her on the mouth. He flipped her to her feet and she shook her head.

“Thank you, Ginger!” she yelled and pulled him down to kiss her again. Without moving his face, Jordan gave Ginger a victory sign.

The night quickly got blurry. Beers and shots and drinks were poured and passed and spilled. Jordan consumed more of Beth than he did alcohol. Sidney found a semi-private corner where he could dance with Dani. Ginger snuck in and took a phone photo of them kissing. Sidney had his hand at the back of her neck and Dani clung to his flexed bicep. Ginger peeled them apart to show if off.

“Facebook tomorrow, bitches!” And she ran off.

At the bar, Kris watched her with a smile on his face. When she caught his eye from across the room, she actually blew him a kiss. In a tipsy haze, it felt like an arrow to his heart. I am never letting her out of my sight. She came back to the bar.

“What are you studying in school?” he was pretty sure he said it in English.

“Elementary education. I want to teach kids,” she said, probably not in French.

Kris breathed in from her hair. “Do they teach that in Pittsburgh? Because if you’re more than 5k away from me, I might die. I could request a trade to Montreal, I guess.” He looked almost serious.

“I have known you for three days! Wait till the honeymoon wears off then ask me that again.” He stuck his lower lip out in a pout. Ginger kissed it. “Yes, they have the program in Pittsburgh. My mom checked because she kinda always through I would end up with Jordan.”

They both looked at Jordan, who was sucking Beth’s face off like the Predator on the dance floor. Ginger shivered and Kris kissed her again. “End up with me instead. Please,” he laughed.

“I already checked the schools again. Hahaha. Does that make me a crazy stalker? I felt crazy looking,” she made a face.

“I’ve never had a stalker. It’s kinda sexy.” He proved it by kissing her into a pile of Jello.

By midnight, the place was emptying out but they were not finished. Beth and Jordan separated long enough to each drive a vehicle home – they’d done more kissing than drinking. Everyone poured into the house and onto the pool deck.

Kris sat behind Ginger, his legs around her, at the edge of the pool. Max and his date were back in the hammock. Sidney and Dani had been sitting on the lawn, but now all they could see was Sid’s ass above the grass where he lay on top of her. TK and his date were tossing the beer pong ball around. Jordan and Beth may never have made it in from the driveway.

“I love it when a plan comes together,” Ginger said, surveying the scene. Sidney heard her and raised a hand in the air, giving her a thumbs-up. She heard Dani giggle.

She leaned back against Kris. Silently, she lifted her ass off the concrete, unzipped her shorts and slid them off. Without standing, she pulled them over her feet, tossed her top, handed her bra to Kris and slipped into the pool completely naked. Kris sat there with his jaw on the ground. There could have been a unicorn in the pool and no one would have noticed. But Ginger was naked, presumably for him, in what amounted to a public place. Kris was already so hard he doubted he could get his shorts off. So he took out his wallet and phone, dumped his shirt and dropped into the water. He was struggling with his shorts when Ginger swam up to him around the 5 foot mark. She helped unzip and took him in her hand. They could both stand here.

“Everyone can see us,” Kris whispered.

“No, the pool lights are off. They won’t notice unless you make me scream,” she taunted him. “So try not to be so fucking incredible, okay?”

Kris gave up. He didn’t care who saw or heard. He’d barely noticed that it sounded like Sid and Dani were going for it in the grass. That’s because he’s sleeping on the couch, Kris smiled. Then he touched Ginger’s bare skin and forgot everything else. She hooked a leg over his hip, pressed her breasts against him and pushed a kiss to his mouth.

“Kris, thanks for coming to visit,” she said.

“Ginger… or Samantha… or whoever you are, thanks for waiting until I got here,” he replied.

She laughed. “Thanks for jerking off in the bathroom so I had an excuse to have sex with you.”

His turn to chuckle. “Thanks for being horny enough to follow me inside.”

Kris’ fingers brushed down her stomach onto her bare thighs. She sucked in a breath and forgot what she was going to thank him for next. They were drunk and both knew this would be a hard-and-fast encounter. Kris confirmed that by dragging one finger through her pussy. She pressed her head back, bending her neck over the edge of the pool. Kris kissed her exposed skin and slid that finger inside her. Then another. Just like in the lake, her warmth was completely different from that of the water.

Ginger stroked Kris’ cock. She made a mental note to do this again with the lights on so she could see his impeccable body this way. That alone could make her orgasm. Maybe better with the lights off, she thought. Before she could get too far along, she brought his head to the space between her thighs. With a single, graceful push, Kris was inside her warm folds. The water lifted her easily in his arms.

Kris pulled them away from the wall and slid them deeper, where he could maneuver using his hands on the edge of the pool. She held on to him as he lifted his body into hers, buoyancy giving him a range of motion more full that anything they’d tried. He pressed deeply enough to bring her chest clear out of the water. Ginger bit his shoulder hard to keep from crying out.

The cool water created an opposite sensation outside her body from the thermonuclear reaction Kris was stirring inside. His hard, smooth cock mined her body for heat and struck gold every time. She wrapped legs around him and angled her hips for an even deeper drilling. Holding onto his insanely broad shoulders proved the best choice for both leverage and completely delirious desire. As Kris drove his throbbing dick into her, Ginger held on for all she was worth. She did her best not to cry out as Kris’ pelvic bone pressed against her clit.

“Do that again,” she panted, “and I will wake up fucking Buffalo from here.”

He did it again and she squeaked. Again and she gasped. On the third time, she growled.

“I will black out and drown if you keep that up.”

But it was an invitation. Kris worked his body into hers. Every time he hit her hot spot, her pussy caught him like an impossible overtime glove-save and brought him right to the verge of a nervous breakdown. He rewarded her with another hard stroke to her clit. She cursed in French.

“Baise-moi.” Fuck me.

Kris granted her wish. He fucked her right to the edge of what she truly wanted. He stopped and started, went deep and shallow, pushed hard then soft until she was whimpering in his arms. The liquor and heat and water conspired for a particularly messy exchange.

“Ginger,” he panted. He was so close to coming that he couldn’t be sure what language he spoke. Forget the booze – any woman who made him feel this way deserved the truth.

“Ginger, I’m crazy about you.” he panted.

“That’s not my name,” she purred back.

He corrected himself. “Samantha. I lied when I said I like you. It’s more than that.”

“More for me too, Kris. We’ll be okay.”

She barely got that out. He drove extra hard into her and forced his pelvis hard against her clit. Swiveling his hips, and hoped it felt for her like his mouth had felt upstairs. Apparently, it worked. Ginger dug her fingers into his back and side. Her mouth was right near his ear as she gasped.

“Kris, Kris…,” she moaned softly, right into his ear. As another wave of orgasm crashed into her, she writhed in his arms. “Oh my God, Kris.” It sounded like a prayer, something full of wonder and gratitude.

He thrust two more times and, biting into the ripe flesh of her bare shoulder, strangled his own cry as he came. His body let loose on impact – it was like two cars colliding at high speeds. A long moan accompanied the hot gush of lust that exploded from his body into hears. It was muffled by his mouthful of her skin. He drew in and out three times, exhausting every ounce of himself inside the depths of her body.

They hung their, suspended in the water and completely spent against each other. Ginger was woozy, unsure she could walk. Kris pulled out of her body and reached onto the deck for his t-shirt. Pulling it right into the water, he dragged it over her head and covered her. He retrieved his shorts and pulled them on. Then they ran for it.

They were almost in the door when Max laughed. “You two should do phone sex. That was epic.” Sid and Dani cheered from across the yard. Ginger giggled and kept going into the house.


  1. I recently discovered your stories and LOVE THEM! I have read waking up in vegas, the tension and the spark and now this one! I love that you focus on Max and Kris! they are my favorites!

  2. Aww to get caught in the pool.

    I can honestly say this so far is one of my favourite stories!

    Can you list the song titles for the soundtrack? Thanks a million!

  3. Of course, I'll start including them. So far, they are:

    1. "Hello" - Tristan Prettyman
    2. "(And She Said) Take Me Now" - Justin Timberlake
    3. "Wish the Whole World Knew" - Lee Ryan
    4. "Secret" - Maroon 5
    5. "Girl Like That" - Matchbox20
    6. "I Can't Read You" - Daniel Bedingfield
    7. "Get Gotten" - Ben Lee