Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chapter 5 - Girl Like That

Soundtrack: You’ve got to think, with a girl like that, any luck at all is better than nothing. – Matchbox20

Ginger had gone to the bathroom at some point and covered them when she returned. They were entwined tightly, Kris’ arm locked around her back, her leg hooked over his and running the length of the inside. Her hand was over his heart.

Kris lay still, enjoying the moment. He played yesterday over in his mind – the only reaction he could come up with was disbelief. An amazingly sexy, confident and beautiful girl had come on to him, picked him up and absolutely rocked his world. And here she was, fast asleep in his arms beneath the breaking light of day. He twirled a strand of her red hair in his fingers. He’d never been with a redhead before, never even really known one. Maybe that was part of her secret. Maybe it was that she knew Jordan, knew hockey players and was not impressed simply by their jobs. Or maybe it was something else entirely, something only she had. Something she had wanted to share only with him.

Kris wondered if she would hang around today. He and the guys were here for a few more days. Now he couldn’t imagine spending them away from her. What if she went home around the corner and forgot all about him? Could he really stay here and act like she hadn’t just altered his universe? Ginger stirred in his arms. She nestled against him, then pawed at his chest like a cat before raising her head.

“Mmmm,” she looked at him. “Morning gorgeous.”

He held her tighter. She shifted alongside him and he felt a familiar stirring below the beltline. Don’t get greedy, he cautioned himself. Maybe she only meant to be with you one night. Still, she was here and she was naked. There was zero chance his body could ignore that.

“Morning,” he murmured.

Ginger felt like she was floating on a warm, comfortable cloud. Kris’s body heat had created a little cocoon for them beneath the light blanket. His heart beat under her cheek. She would have thought it impossible for someone to be so perfect – so sexy and sweet at the same time – before she’d met Kris.

She trailed her hand across his stomach and down over his abs. His body was a marvel of fine-tuning. She could see his hard-on lifting the blanket from his lap and wondered if it was just morning wood or if some of that tension was for her. With soft fingertips, she brushed into his curly hair and around the base of his penis.

Kris had been willing her to touch him. He’d called every power in the universe and every fiber of his being to move her hand down his body. Now as she lightly grazed him, tracing her fingers over his inner thighs and slightly tugging at his erection, he thanked them all for putting her here, in his arms, in this bed.

Ginger felt Kris’ hips shift under her hand. She toyed with him for a moment, activating her sensory memory with scenes from last night. She was quickly wet and a little woozy. Her grip tightened and Kris moaned into her hair.

“Roll over, sweet. I want to hold on to you,” he said.

She turned her back and Kris fitted himself against her. For the third time – first standing, then lying face to face, now this – Kris felt the shape of her body describe an exact match to his. He brushed her hair away and kissed the back of her neck and shoulder. Fully hard now, he guided his penis into the space between her legs and rubbed the head along her slit. He smiled at the warmth and wetness that awaited him.

With a hand on her hip, Kris slowly moved himself into her body. She pressed back and sighed. As he moved gently, slowly, Kris and Ginger made love for the first time.

It was different than yesterday. They’d been seeking release and an outlet for their lust. They had reveled in the scandalous danger of the tryst. With that and a night in each other’s arms behind them, now their bodies sought comfort and companionship.

Ginger rocked her hips into Kris, gently pushing her butt into his lap. His erection felt smooth inside her folds. His fingers found her nipple and gently tweaked it, before taking the weight of her breast in his hand. She cooed at the feeling of touch in two places. When his breathed a kiss to her neck, she nuzzled into him. Kris marveled at the warm, delirious feeling she produced in him. He explored her body, the slow motion revealing places and pleasures he had missed the night before. They were barely moving. His hand relinquished her breast and roamed down her stomach into the space between her legs.

Ginger shivered as Kris lightly touched her clit. He got harder as he did so, her arousal making him more aroused. His breath came more quickly on her neck. Her own body was reacting in a slow, sleepy way. Half massage, half sex and all surrender, this was their most pleasurable encounter yet.

His hand began to move harder against her, working her up while giving himself a deeper reach. Ginger felt her nerves twisting deliciously – her whole body wanted this. With a few twists of her hips, she brought herself right to the top. Kris gave another twitch of his fingers and pulse of his cock to send her spinning into a burst of light. A small cry escaped her lips as a gentle, shuddering wave rolled across her. Kris still moved inside her, thrusting twice before she felt his body go stiff, then soft.

Like a leaf that has collected water, the last drop of Ginger’s orgasm tipped Kris gently forward and he spilled himself inside her. Both arms held her close as their bodies shuddered together and finally gave out. They lay still for a long few minutes, just breathing in the closeness of each other.

Yesterday, Ginger hadn’t been thinking about today. She hadn’t expected to be so overwhelmed by Kris, to be so comfortable with him. Mostly she hadn’t expected to want him so much, again and again. Now she feared her decision to go one night might turn sour when she could not have more.

Kris was also thinking about today. If Ginger left, he would have to stay behind. He would sleep alone in this room and never be able to close his eyes.

“Don’t say you have to go today,” he said softly, still inside her.

“I was just thinking that I hoped you would want me to stay.”

Kris bear hugged her as tightly as he could. Even his softening penis gave her a pulse of gratitude. If they never left this bed never saw their friends or food or the summer sky again, he would have wanted her to stay. Instead he pulled gently from her and helped her turn around.

“Please stay, Ginger,” he made it official. She smiled and kissed him solidly. Then she sat up, dumping the blanket from her naked body.

“I’m hungry.”

Ginger could have floated downstairs on the smell of bacon. Jordan was at the stove frying up a storm when they came in. Kris had donned a pair of swim trunks and a t-shirt. Ginger found a pair of someone’s old shorts and topped them with one of Kris’ shirts. She’d gathered the shirt at the small of her back and cinched it with a hair tie, pulling it tightly around her waist. A sliver of her skin was visible just north of the too-big shorts. Kris watched the outline of her body move against his clothing and desperately wished they had not left the room quite yet.

Max applauded as Ginger took a piece of bacon from Jordan’s pan. His lake house girl was still there, giggling against his shoulder. Sidney looked up from the newspaper and smiled, but still let his eyes pour slowly over the shape of Ginger’s body. Kris almost rolled his eyes.

“Woke up the neighborhood, you two did,” Max said proudly.

Kris hid his face in the refrigerator, but relaxed when Ginger was unfazed.

“Found your porn, Jordo,” she lied.

“I see you also found your way into my pants.” He laughed at the way she’d rolled and pulled the shorts to get them to stay on her body. “If you’re going to swim later, you cannot swim in those.”

“I’ll make a run home in a bit. We used up all your porn anyway. Need some fresh material.”

At the table, Kris draped his arm over the back of Ginger’s chair without thinking. She leaned back into it and his hand closed around her upper arm. It felt good to touch her casually and in front of everyone. He knew she could handle the joking, but this contact seemed to let everyone know they were not just kidding around.

“What’s the plan for today?” Max asked. Doing so in front of the girl meant he intended to bring her. Sidney scowled a bit, knowing he’d have to watch them go at it all day.

“We’re taking the boat out, maybe some tubing,” Jordan said through a mouthful of breakfast. “We need two cars to drive to the dock.”

“I can drive,” Ginger offered. “I’ll run to my house, change and get my car. Want the cooler?”

Jordan nodded and they discussed provisions. Kris’ mind drifted as he wondered what Ginger’s room looked like, what it would smell like, what kind of underwear she kept in her drawers. He was thinking about the sheets on her bed when she asked, “Want to come for a walk?”

They turned left out of Jordan’s and went a few streets down. Jordan had bought the house mostly for its proximity to his parents, and thus to Ginger’s. Ten minutes later, she turned up the pathway to a dark blue house with white shutters. They went around to the back and Ginger opened the unlocked door.

“Hello?” she called from the kitchen. No answer. “Guess they’re not here.”

Kris followed her up the stairs. Her room was exactly what he’d pictured. Two walls were white, one s bright robin’s egg blue and the fourth wall was all closet. All mirrored closet. Kris’ mouth got dry at the thought of her, in bed, before all that mirror. She dug into a few drawers, tossing her bathing suit on the bed with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Next came a baseball cap and a towel.

Kris looked at the photos above her desk. College girls at a fraternity party, Ginger with a red haired woman who could only have been her mother. There was an old photograph of two kids on a tricycle with another older boy chasing them down a driveway. Ginger, Jordan and Marc. She also had the team photo taken on the ice right after they won the Stanley Cup. Jordan was front and center, wrapped around the trophy and shouting in triumph.

“There I am,” Kris pointed to the far left of the second row.

She squeezed in next to him and leaned close. “Hmmm, you are cute.”

When she turned, she was right up against him. A knowing smile crossed her face but she stepped away. Kris continued to examine her room until the lights went out. He pulled something off his head – it was the t-shirt she’d been wearing. Spinning around, she was standing there naked stepping into her bikini bottom. The suit was a soft, metallic gold. Against her tanned skin and beneath her fiery hair, it looked fit for a goddess.

Kris’ mouth fell open at the sight of her bare naked in the daylight. She leaned over to pick up the bottom of her suit, causing her hair to fall over her face. As she stood, the sunlight framed her. It accentuated the indentation of her waist and shone through the space high between her thighs like it was the doorway to Narnia.

She looked up. Kris almost averted his eyes, embarrassed to be caught out staring at her like a piece of meat. But Ginger smiled. She arranged the thin straps of her bikini bottom over her hips, then handed him the top.

“Would you?” she asked, turning.

He reached his arms around her and she held the front of the suit to her chest. He dragged her hair aside and tied the cords behind her neck. Grasping the others, he tied them across the middle of her back. Then he pressed a series of kisses up her spine. She rolled her shoulders into him.

“Later, I promise.”

Kris couldn’t concentrate the whole ride to the dock. TK and his lake house girl were in the back, telling a story from the night before, but all Kris could see whas Ginger in her swimsuit. It made his cock ache to know her beautiful body would be dangling before him all day and there would be no way to have her. They hauled the cooler into the boat and Jordan pulled them away from the dock. Max passed around drinks. Ginger handed Kris a bottle of sunscreen, stood up and pulled her shirt over her head.

Sidney almost fell overboard. Her breasts filled the triangle cups of her top, leaving just enough to the imagination. Her taut, flat stomach raced down her body into a pair of cutoff denim shorts. Kris had seen it before and still had trouble breathing. She sat down next to him, swept her hair over and waited.

“Pssst, Kris,” she whispered when nothing happened.

“Oh!” He had lost his train of thought somewhere around her belly button. Now he filled a hand with SPF 30 and took his sweet, agonizing time rubbing it deeply into every inch of her skin. When he got to her neck, he pressed his thumbs in hard around her pressure points. She sagged against him.

“Mmmm that feels good,” she purred.

Sidney resolved to fuck the next available girl they passed. Or unavailable. Whichever.

The beautiful afternoon was drenched in sunshine and beer. Jordan steered them to the middle of the lake, talked TK and his date into two inner tubes tied behind the boat, then did his best to toss them out with some Indy 500 piloting. Max’s date declined, so Sidney drove the boat while Max and Jordan rode behind. When their turn came up, Ginger and Kris climbed in, held hands and spun around the lake like a slingshot.

When they were battered and exhausted from sports, Jordan guided the boat into a small inlet. Kris jumped overboard, while Ginger stood on the rail, bent to a 90 degree angle with her ass high in the air and executed a perfect dive.

“Is she always like that?” Sidney asked.

“Twenty years,” Jordan nodded then launched himself in the water like a cannonball.

Ginger swam toward Kris. It was just shallow enough that he could stand with his neck out of the water. She looped her arms around his neck and held on, drifting next to him. Everyone swam – some headed for the little beach 30 yards away, some circled the boat. It was the most alone they were going to get and Kris couldn’t wait another second.

He pulled Ginger’s body in front of his, hooking an arm under her legs like he was carrying her. Without so much as a look in her eyes, he caught his finger in the fabric of her swimsuit bottom, pulled it aside and stroked her pussy.

Her eyes went wide and darted around. Everyone was doing their own thing and no one was nearby. She gave him a devil-may-care smile and contracted her walls to urge him inside.

Pushing a single finger all the way into Ginger made Kris dizzy. A second finger threatened to drown him without a drop of water. She moved against his hand, experimenting with the weightlessness of her body in the lake. He pressed his thumb to her clit and felt her body tighten. He removed it and her muscles gave out. So he did it again. And again.

Ginger twisted her hips against his fingers, her mind picturing his thick, perfect penis as it teased her into a puddle of desire. Rotating his hand, Kris took turns pressing forward and backward inside her, judging by her reactions what she wanted him to do.

She pulled herself close to his ear. “You make me so wet. I am desperate to fuck you.”

But Kris had other plans. “Later sweet, I promise,” and he continued to rev her engine, imagining the way she would touch herself if she were thinking of him. The warm water of the lake was no match for the heat from her trembling body.

She contracted her pussy around his fingers, trapping them inside of her. Her breath rasped against his face. All the momentum she could earn from rocking went into fucking his hand as hard as she could. He coaxed her out until she was a heartbeat away from orgasm. Then he turned his face to hers and kissed her.

She nearly bucked out of his arms as she came. Her moan filled his mouth, but he blocked the sound from escaping. Instead he milked her sweet, hot core for every drop of pleasure it could spill onto his fingers. She writhed against his chest, holding onto his neck like she was sinking. Only when she finally slowed, then stopped, did Kris break his mouth away from hers. She looked dazed.

“You have the sweetest pussy. I cannot wait to taste you tonight.”

A giggle rose from her chest. “If you don’t get that cock out right now I might be dead by tonight.”

Kris looked around. Either no one was paying attention to them or everyone was doing a good job of hiding it. TK and his girl were laying on the beach. Sidney and Jordan were smacking a volleyball around on the far side of the inlet. Max was no where to be seen – probably shagging his girl up a tree.

“Allow me,” Ginger said, opening the Velcro at his waist. She stuffed her hand down his pants to find his dick as hard as steel. She cooed appreciatively.

“See what you do to me?” he whispered.

“Wait till you see what I can do to you,” she replied, wrapping both hands around his shaft and giving him a long, hard squeeze.

There was so much tension already in Kris’ erection that he nearly blacked out. She loosened the fingers at the base, then just above, and beyond that, rolling her double-handed squeeze all the way up his cock like a stadium crowd doing the wave. Before she eased off the head, her fingers at the bottom were already starting again. Three times she pulled him out, the she wrapped him in a single fist and began to jerk him off. She stroked up, palmed his head as she twisted over and pushed down the other side. The combination of push, pull and twist made his vision blur. When her open hand pressed over the ridge behind his head, he gasped.

The warm water made it easy to imagine he was inside her. She increased the pace of her hand as he rocked. Both of his arms were around her, holding her in place just to one side so she could work his dick with a full range of motion.

She changed her tune. Unwrapping her hand, she placed her thumb along the top of his shaft and her first two fingers underneath. Then she stroked hard along the ridge on the underside of his penis. The main blood vessel there swelled as she jacked him off under the surface of the lake.

Ginger’s own body wailed in frustration that only her hand was getting to enjoy Kris’ arousal. Later, she told herself. Later I will make it up to myself.  Kris’s embrace grew tighter as his dick became completely rigid in her hand. His breathing had slowed to erratic. She timed her strokes evenly and pressed her face to his cheek.

“Kris, show me what you’re going to do to me later.”

Like a reflex, he moved even faster, fucking her hand as hard as he could. She pressed a kiss to his lips. Seconds later, his fingers dug into her as his body redlined and he creamed in her hand. She felt it erupt, hot and thick, over three pumps into her palm. After the last, she lightly squeezed the last drop of cum from his throbbing cock. His shoulders sagged against her and he closed his eyes.

“Let’s go home right now,” he panted.

“It’s only like 10 miles, we can swim it,” she replied.

Instead they swam for the beach and sunned themselves until Jordan announced time for lunch. Ginger was the last time to climb aboard the boat. Kris watched openly as she topped the stairs and stepped over the rail. It was like the vision he’d had after they first met – her wet hair clung to her skin as water ran down the curves of her body. He caught Sidney and Max watching too, and Max gave him a covert thumbs-up.

After lunch, Jordan toured them around the lakefront. They played cards and worked on their tans. It was mid-afternoon before anyone even thought of heading in. Kris, Sidney, TK and his date piled into Ginger’s car for the ride back to Jordan’s house.

“Let’s go out to eat,” Max suggested, pulling takeout menus from a drawer in the kitchen. He held up a pizza flyer. Sidney groaned but did not protest.

Ginger collected her things and pointed at Kris and Sidney. “You two are with me.”

They pulled into the pizza place and down around the side until they were behind the building.

“Be right back,” she hurried up toward the road. A minute later, Ginger popper head out of the back door and they followed her in through the kitchen. At the large booth farthest from the door, she held out her arm directing Sidney into the booth. He sat closest to the wall, with Ginger and Kris next to him.

“Jordan loves to make a scene. Thought you might frown on that,” she said to Sidney.

He smiled, shaking his head. “You are good.”

Jordan bowled in a moment later, turning every head in the place. Sidney sank into the corner. Eight people normally fit in the booth, but with five professional athletes it was a very friendly squeeze. Pizzas arrived with more pitchers of beer, and someone fed the jukebox.

Ginger was pressed against Kris. To give everyone room to eat, she put her arm over his shoulder. She had that glowing, sated feeling that you get from an entire day spent soaking up the sun. Snuggled in next to Kris, she was just about drunk on a single beer and the warmth that surrounded her. Kris smiled at her whenever their eyes met, and she felt her heart melt a little each time.

Kris put his hand on her thigh. Being here, laughing with friends in a public place, it made Kris think of what it would be like to have Ginger as his girlfriend. To see her, touch her, hang out with her and his friends all the time. What it would be like to have her in his life.

On the way out through the kitchen, Kris took Ginger’s hand. She wrapped her fingers between his and held.

Everyone was feeling the same bleary outdoors-all-day daze. Jordan suggested a movie. It was as much effort as they were willing to make. His large living room was perfect, with two couches, an armchair and a big, dish-shaped papasan chair. It had actually been Ginger’s chair in high school – have favorite possession for years. When she moved out, Jordan had rescued it from her parents’ yard sale.

“That’s Ginger’s,” Jordan said, pointing to the chair. Kris kicked off his shoes and sat down. The chair was borderline ugly, but the moment he settled back he understood. It was incredibly comfortable. As she walked in behind them, Ginger was nearly ready to order the trespassing body from her seat. When she realized it was Kris, she smiled and climbed in next to him. The chair was big enough for the both to sit comfortably. Kris reclined and rested his feet on the table. Ginger sat on her hip, bending her knees and leaning her legs onto Kris’ thigh. His arms were bent behind his neck, and she rested her had the inside of his bicep. Kris closed his eyes as she settled in, adding this to the list of things he’d like to do with her on a regular basis.

As the movie played, Kris’ mind wandered. I wonder if I could tell her that I like this. Or is she just in this for the sex? I don’t want to make a big deal if she’s planning to never see me again. He certainly didn’t want to risk losing out on the next few days. But he couldn’t help that he was falling for her, just a little.

Ginger’s brain had a hard time concentrating on the film. Being so close to Kris made coherent thinking nearly impossible. I wonder if he has a girlfriend. She knew if he did, the guys would never say anything. Well, maybe Jordan. But mostly they weren’t going to stand in the way of a fling. Ginger hoped Kris was single. She didn’t want to think he was the kind of guy who left a loving girl at home while he had a week away like the one they were currently sharing. Also, if she was honest, Ginger maybe wanted him for herself.

“This is nice,” she whispered into his ear, testing him.

He smiled and moved his arm down, reaching around her back and pulling her in closer.

Sidney watched them snuggling and bit back a snarky internal comment. When did I become so jealous? He’d known Ginger for an hour longer than Kris, so it wasn’t that he was in love with her. It just hurt a little when he saw a teammate land a really great girl. Of the hundreds or thousands of all the eligible girls out there, most of whom would throw themselves at him because he was Sidney-fucking-Crosby, there were very few who could matter. Ginger had possibly been one. It was like watching your friend win the lottery – he was happy for Kris, but envious and a little frustrated too.

Ginger dozed off during the movie, waking only when Kris moved his arm in his sleep. A strand of his hair slipped across his face, which was tipped in her direction. It was as if he’d been watching her sleep when he drifted off himself. As the movie ended, she unfolded herself from his side. He woke and stretched like a cat. Then, taking her hand, he unabashedly let her upstairs to their room.

Ginger slipped out of her clothes and into the bed then held up the blanket for Kris to climb in. He crawled right into her arms. They lay there, holding each other for a long moment.

“Tired?” she asked.

He smiled in the dark. “Not that tired.”


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  2. I really liked this was very sweet and romantic... yep I see Sidney drama coming...